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Karina Gail SCHACK


Karina Gail SCHACK 

Late of  ?

Sister of serving NSWPF member – Chief Inspector Ken SCHACK

NSW Goulburn Police Academy Class 267

New South Wales Police Force

Regd. #  31228

Rank:  Commenced Training at Goulburn Academy – 18 August 1996

Probationary Constable – appointed 14 February 1997

Senior Sergeant

Final Rank = Senior Sergeant

Stations?, Professional Standards Command – Death

ServiceFrom  18 August 1996 to  28 August 2018 = 22+ years Service

Awards:   No find on It’s An Honour

Born:   ? ? ?

Died on:   Tuesday  28 August 2018

Age:  45

Cause:   Cancer

Event location:   ?

Event date:   ?

Funeral date:   Wednesday  5 September 2018 @ 10.30am

Funeral location:   St Stephen’s Anglican Church, 189 Church St, Newtown

Request:  The Schack family have requested no formal police involvement at the funeral service however they do invite friends and former colleagues to attend if they wish.

Wake location:  ?

Funeral Parlour:  ?

Buried at:   ?

 Memorial located at:   ?


Karina Schack

Karina Schack


[alert_yellow]KARINA is NOT mentioned on the Police Wall of Remembrance[/alert_yellow]  *NEED MORE INFO



 Funeral location





May they forever Rest In Peace


Nothing further, at this time, is known about this woman’s life.
By Kylie HAND:
Hello everyone ,
I am reaching out to all my family, friends and colleagues to spread this message to help our dear friend Karina.  She has flown to Mexico to receive treatment for cancer .  This expensive Gersen Therapy costs $6000 per week for 3 weeks. This does not include travel to Mexico or other living expenses. Her story is below.  I am aiming to raise enough funds to help cover the cost for her and assist the financial burden.
Kylie Hand

“My name is Karina Schack. I’m 41 years old. I’ve been diagnosed with a terminal illness. In August 2008 at the age of 35, I found a lump in my breast which I thought little of.

As a close friend had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, I decided to go to my GP to have her check it out. She was concerned enough to schedule a mammogram and ultrasound to investigate further. She reassured me that it was most likely nothing to worry about.

As it turned out, a cancerous tumour the size of a golf ball was growing underneath my pectoral muscle, right down to my chest wall. This was swiftly removed, however the cancer had unfortunately started to spread to the lymph nodes under my armpit. These nodes were removed and an aggressive course of chemotherapy started, followed by radiation. Following about six months of treatment, the cancer was gone. I could breath a sigh of relief. At least that’s what I believed up until about 6 weeks ago.

During my six year annual check up (involving a mammogram and ultrasound) I mentioned to my doctor that I was experiencing severe pain in my chest. It felt like bone pain. She ordered a bone scan to ensure nothing ‘sinister’ was going on. The results of the bone scan revealed metastasis (recurrence) of the original cancer in my sternum, spine and sacrum. Upon being informed of this, I asked the burning question. ‘Is there chance of being cured at this point?’ The answer, ‘No, typically not.’

Typically not.

As I was alone at the appointment, my first thought was of having to break this news to my loved ones. I was numb. Just wanted to wake up. I won’t even say my worst fears had come true, as I hadn’t even imagined this scenario. There were three doctors in the room with me, all looking at me with very sad eyes. All I could do was think how difficult it must be to break that news to someone.

I was meant to go on a holiday to Vietnam the following week. This was cancelled to make way for radiation to two of the most affected areas. It was early on in my treatment when I was told about a clinic in Mexico where they are getting some excellent results in the treatment of cancer patients. The clinic is called Gerson. I started to research the Gerson Therapy and found real logic in their approach to treating serious illness. The therapy is all about building the bodies’ immune system to a point where it will heal itself.

As my oncologist was not recommending immediate systemic treatment of my condition beyond the radiation therapy I had received, I decided to make application to attend the Gerson Institute. This application was recently accepted on a week by week basis, with the hope to stay for three weeks. This wholly depends on how I respond to treatment.

I departed for Gerson on 22 November 2014. Right now, it’s 11:23pm and I sit in my hotel room in San Diego, with a shuttle bus due to pick me up first thing in the morning to take me to Tijuana, Mexico. Let the Gerson adventure begin…”


Update 1
Posted by Kylie Hand
45 months ago
A HUGE thank you to everyone who has supported Karina. She is “blown away” by everyone’s generosity. She is currently in her second week of the Gerson Treatment and thankfully her results so far been have been positive. Let the Gerson Adventure continue!
Update 2
Posted by Kylie Hand
43 months ago

Well, this update is well overdue. Firstly, I want to say a huge thank you to Kylie for organising this page for me. When I was diagnosed in October, I could not have predicted the kindness, love and support I’d receive from my work colleagues. Thanks Kylie. I owe you big time. And thanks to all the people from work that have supported me and continue to do so on a daily basis.

Next, I’d like to thank each and every one of the beautiful people that have donated their hard earned to fund my adventure to Mexico. I didn’t see the page until about a week in to my three week stay at Mexico and by that time, about $7000 had already been donated. To say I was overwhelmed by the generosity would be an understatement. I was truly floored. I cried like a baby (in a good way) when reading the comments of support, inspiration and positivity; including from complete strangers. I can guarantee that every single comment has been read and re-read by me when I find myself struggling or doubting my choice.

My trip to Mexico was made possible by you guys and I can emphatically say that this has changed my life for the better! The Gerson Therapy has changed my life forever. My regime is strict and will continue for at least a couple of years, likely longer. The three weeks in Mexico gave me the insight and knowledge required to maintain this lifestyle to the degree required to heal. For those of you interested in exactly what’s involved in the therapy, you can visit Suffice to say, it’s not snake oils or black magic, it’s the use of wholesome, organic and nutritious food, juices and supplements, as well as regular coffee enemas (or upside down coffee breaks) to enable the body to build its own defences to assist in healing.

My bloods improved a great deal while in Mexico. My white blood cells increased steadily throughout my stay and my ph levels after a week entered the very alkaline range and remain alkaline. Cancer doesn’t like an alkaline environment.

I had a CT scan last week of my organs. The previous scan in October revealed two lesions on my liver. I received the results of the scan yesterday…..cue drumroll….the lesions on the liver have more than halved in size and are now barely visible on the pictures. I can vouch for this as I had to squint to see them! The scan also reported on my bony lesions which appear to have improved slightly. There are no new lesions in either bone or organs….cue sigh of relief… These results are fantastic! The leadup to these tests were a little, shall I say…stressful?! I just wanted some validation that what I’m doing is worth it. Well, the results speak for themselves. It’s definitely worth it!

Besides the results on paper being positive, I also feel good. I feel strong and healthy. Ironically, I’m probably the healthiest I’ve been in years.

The money which has been raised not only helped to fund the trip to Mexico, but also helped buy a second fridge (required to store the large volume of organic produce I consume every week), as well as a water distiller. The supplements alone cost about $2000 every three months, so the money provided by you has been a godsend.

Once again, thanks to you all for your incredible support through what has been a difficult time. Without a doubt, I’m made stronger and more determined in my resolve with the assistance of you all; my family, friends and colleagues.
With much love, Karina

Karina won a Silver medal in the 2012 NSW Police Games Angling competition with 174 points and is mentioned on page 11 of 36.

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