Kenneth GILMOUR 02 – NSWPF –

INSCRIPTION: MEDAL PINNED ON HERO Dairl Mirror, Tuesday June 3, 1958 pAGE 19 Her of the Spittiri shootings last year, DetSgt Kenneth Frederick GILMOUR, received the British Empire Medal for his bravery from the State Governor ( Sir Eric Woodward ) at Gornment House today. On May 24, 1957, Et. Sgt Gilmour went to a house in Darlinghurst where Spittiri had killed a man, shotgun plasted a woman and attempted to fire the premises. DetSgt Gilmour saw the man at the top of a narrow flight of stairs with a shotgun, yet he climbed towards the man who then fired the guna t him. gilmour suffered a shocking injury to his right arm. he is permanently disabled. Gunman Spittiri died from a bullet from Gilmour's automatic. Two other policemen, Constas Neville William BEALE and Ronald jospeh TURNER were also decorated for bravery at the ceremony.

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