Lance STIRTON 1 – NSWPF – Died 2 April 2015

On the left is former Assistant Commissioner, Lance Stirton(Cadet No. 559) with Jack Bailey (Cadet No. 613) holding the blunt end of a very much DEAD red-bellied blacksnake. Jack being the junior two, he was allowed (directed?) to hold the bitey end for the photo. It was taken at Buff Point around 1947 - where Lance's parents had a weekender...Lance and some of his male friends, together with his sister (Betty) and her girlfriends, most of whom were workmates, would spend some weekends at this place - a million miles from no-where in those days then travel back to Sydney on Sunday night by bus then train. The snake was killed and (being cadets) carefully curled up before being placed in the sandy-dirt floor of the back-yard 'dunny' and then they waited. The door on the old dunny inwards. Jack's (now wife of nearly 60 yrs) was first to enter and close the door to relieve herself but when her eyes became accustomed to the darkness from outside sunlight, the bottom hinge was taken off the door as it blasted open. What a terrible joke to play on someone who always feared snakes. But we were waiting on the back step for her to wake up to what it was. Thankfully for Jack she was the forgiving type. She is still with him!!!

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