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The licensing officer for the Far South Coast LAC is Snr Sergeant Toby Tyler, who is responsible for policing licensed premises within the FSCLAC and enforcing laws under the following Acts of parliament:

  • The Liquor Act The Registered Clubs Act
  • The Security Industry Act
  • The Firearms Act
  • The Summary Offences Act
  • The Pawnbrokers and Second Hand Dealers Act
  • The Disorderly Houses Act
  • The Dangerous Goods Act
  • The Weapons Prohibition Act
  • The Private Inquiry and Commercial Agents Act
  • The Local Government Act
  • The Crimes Act.

The main objective of the licensing section is to REDUCE THE INCIDENCE OF ALCOHOL RELATED CRIME as outlined in the 1998-1999 Licensing Action Plan. Strategies have been developed aimed at addressing the incidence of alcohol related crime as a matter of routine.

The following strategies are those outlined in the plan:

  • Enforcement of the Liquor and Registered Clubs Acts in relation to the sale of liquor without a license, non compliance with conditions, late trading, underage drinking and intoxicated persons.
  • Monitor noise complaints and other incidents in and around the vicinity of licensed premises.
  • Intelligence driven patrols of parks, reserves, community shopping centres, enforcing Local Government and Summary Offences Acts.
  • Patrol railway stations and trains, enforcing the provisions of the Transport Administration Act.
  • Liaise and collaborate regularly with licensees.
  • Engender an appropriate attitude by all police in contributing to deterring and detecting alcohol related crime.
  • Dissemination of appropriate information to community groups (High schools, Neighbourhood Watch and Community Consultative Groups and Business organizations).

The Far South Coast Local Area Command would urge anyone who has concerns or problems relating to licensed premises or other alcohol related issues to contact Batemans Bay Police on 0244-720099.

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  • Looking for an Identification seizure form for security guards to report and hand in seized ID cards

    • Hi William,
      This website is NOT directly affiliated with NSWPF.
      As such, you will have to go to the NSW Police Force website and get onto the Security portal from there.

      3 Nov 2022


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