Mark Robert ALLMAN

Mark Robert ALLMAN

New South Wales Police Force

NSW Police Cadet # 1152

[alert_yellow]Regd. #   9128[/alert_yellow]

Department – in their death announcement, advertised an incorrect Regd. # of 8128 for this man

Rank: NSW Police Cadet – commenced 28 January 1955

Probationary Constable – appointed 12 November 1958

Sergeant 3rd Class – appointed 1 September 1974

Inspector – appointed 8 April 1987

Stations?, Barmedman GD’s ( late 1960’s – early 1970’s ), Kingsgrove EARLY 1980’S ( 2 I.C. ), St George LAC – Retired

ServiceFrom  28 January 1955  to  6 August 1995 = 40+ years Service

Awards:  National Medal – granted 15 September 1980

1st Clasp to National Medal – granted 19 November 1984

Born:  12 November 1939

Died on:  Friday  18 November 2016

Age:  77


Funeral date:  Friday  25 November 2016 @ 10am

Funeral location:  South Chapel, Woronora Memorial Park, Sutherland

Buried at?

 Memorial at?


[alert_yellow]MARK is NOT mentioned on the Police Wall of Remembrance[/alert_yellow]  *NEED MORE INFO



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May they forever Rest In Peace


Thursday  24 November 2016

G’day Cal, very, very sad news about Mark. A real good bloke and straight shooting copper.
Mark had the best kept peaked cap for a front line copper that I ever saw.  Always in pristine condition and not battered like ours were. We used to put the caps under our armpits to make them look like we were more operational than we really were.  Mark didn’t have to do that of course, but I’ll never forget how good his hat was!
I met Mark when I was sent to the old Riverwood call box in early 1976.  In those days 31 Division’s head station was at Hurstville, then there was Kingsgrove and the 2 call boxes, Mortdale and Riverwood. BTW I saw Bob May’s name here recently.  He was a Senior Constable at the time at Hurstville and, as expected was a great bloke to have with you in any sort of blue.
The guys at the 2 call boxes had a close affinity probably because of that reason.
The other guys that Mark worked with, Dick Treverrow, Brian Bernardi, Gordon Lewis and Sergeant Ted Freeman were salt of the earth guys and great coppers.
Riverwood had its fair share of terrific guys as well, Bob McCloskey (whose name appeared here recently unfortunately), Bill Bullock, Sergeants Doug Robertson and Bill Lavette.
The call boxes in those days only worked 0700 to 2300 normally which meant that we worked nightshift at either Hurstville or Kingsgrove.
The incident that is the point of this email happened when Mark and I were working nightwork (I think for some reason out of Hurstville).
In those days we did 7 days of night shift from 2300 to 0700.  Around 0530, just as the dawn was starting to show up, it was that misty grey time, we knew that we didn’t have long to go before we headed back to knock off.
Anyway being the junior man I was at the wheel of the F100 truck, we drove down King Georges Rd, just to kill some time because it was too early to go back.
I turned left into Edgbaston Rd and drove along the street and at the first cross intersection we came to (I think it was Melville Street, not sure) looming through the early morning mist, the whole intersection was COVERED in garden gnomes!!!
It was just so funny. We stopped and looked at the scene-there were aborigines with spears, elves with pipes, kangaroos you name it they were there and they covered the whole intersection.
The first thought we had was what the hell do we do now. I’m sure whoever did this was nearby watching and having a good laugh at seeing a couple of coppers loading all the gnomes into the back of the F100.
We ended up taking them to Hurstville, alerted the media for people to come and collect their gnomes and that was it.
You had to be there to see it.
Last saw Mark at Mortdale Railway Station probably 2002. We were both going to the first Police cadets reunion at the US Club at Sutherland. He hadn’t changed much, just older like all of us.
Anyway mate, gain very sad to hear that Mark has died.  A thorough gentleman, straight shooter and good copper.
Someone you could rely on.


Mick McGann
No.16758 / Cadet 2948



Good morning
I recently received my copy of the Police News and noticed the death of Mark Allman in November 2016.    I was in the Police Cadets with Mark and kept in touch with him from time to time throughout our service.  He used to send me emails from time to time but then early last year they stopped and I guessed he was too busy doing other things he loved,  his family and  riding motorcycles .
I was saddened to learn of his passing .  I was searching the web and came across your web page .  Congratulations to you and those who have pioneered this information for Police and their families.
I was not aware it existed but as I looked down the list of members who have passed on some of them I remember well and the good times we had in the  ‘police family’.
Best wishes and many thanks for your dedication…
Regards, Ron McSporran..
Ex Cadet 1301.