Martin HOGAN


Martin HOGAN


Late of Upper Coomera, Qld  


“all I really want is the chance to be a real cop again….”


Queensland Police Academy –  Class #  ? ? ? 


Queensland Police Force

Regd. #  ????? 


Service:  From ? ? ?   to   15 April 2021 ? years Service ? ? ?


Rank:  Commenced Training at Queensland Police Academy on ? ? ?

Probationary Constable- appointed ? ? ?

Constable – appointed ? ? ?

Constable 1st Class – appointed ? ? ? 

Detective – appointed ? ? ?

Senior Constable – appointed ? ? ? 

Leading Senior Constable – appointed ? ? ?

Sergeant 3rd Class – appointed ? ? ? 

Sergeant 2nd Class – appointed ? ? ?

Sergeant 1st Class – appointed ? ? ? 


Final Rank =  Sergeant ?/Class


Stations?, Cunnamulla?, Emerald, ?


Retirement / Leaving age: = ?

Time in Retirement from Police: ?


Awards:  No Find on Australian Honours system


 Born? ? ?

Died on:  Saturday  10 April 2021



Cause:  Cancer – Metastatic Bowel Cancer

Event location:   ? , Qld

Event date:  Diagnosed in December 2019 


Funeral date:  Friday  23 April 2021

Funeral location? TBA 


any Future Wake location??? TBA 

any Future Wake date??? TBA

Funeral Parlour: ?

Buried at: ?


Memorial / Plaque / Monument located at: ?

Dedication date of Memorial / Plaque / Monument: Nil – at this time ( April 2021 )


 MARTY is NOT mentioned on the Police Wall of Remembrance  *NEED MORE INFO





May they forever Rest In Peace

Australian Police YouTube Channel 


Martin HOGAN, Marty HOGAN
This photo was taken on our ( Lucas John ) way back from hiking down to the Goldie River, Kokoda Track PNG when he came up and lent the AFP his amazing driver training skills.


12 April 2021 @ 3.09pm

Marty HOGAN, Martin HOGAN

It’s with deep sadness that we announce the passing of Marty Hogan. As you all know Marty was battling cancer for the past few years. He passed away on Saturday 10th April with his family by his side.
Marty was a great long term student & a Hapkido black belt. A wonderful close friend to Master King & Mrs Shantal. He developed many close friendships to those he trained alongside. He was also a strong inspiration to many.
We know our whole KMA community will be just as heartbroken to hear this news.
Our deepest condolences to his wife Jane, daughter Maya and their family & friends.

(20+) KMA Brisbane – Posts | Facebook


We are raising funds to assist our friend, colleague, husband, father, teacher, police officer and all round top bloke, Marty Hogan.  He and his family are battling an aggressive form of Cancer and Marty has entered the fight of his life.

In December 2019, after returning from a hiking holiday Marty was fatigued, sleeping up to 15 hours each day. Incessant coughing repeatedly caused him to vomit and fight for his next breath. He started losing weight – fast.   Days later, the family sat together in the Gold Coast University Hospital, devastated from the shock diagnosis: Marty had Stage four Metastatic Bowel Cancer which had spread extensively to his liver.

Marty’s decline was rapid. He commenced chemotherapy immediately. His wife Jane and daughter Maya (14) stayed by his side providing love, encouragement and support as he fights the battle of a lifetime.

Their story

Marty and Jane met 2010. It was a wonder their relationship ever survived. On their first romantic getaway for a weekend up in the mountains, Marty wooed Jane with a first course of oysters. One hour later, inside their cabin (with very thin walls) Marty and Jane succumbed to the disastrous biological effects of rotten oysters. Marty thought they would never survive the undignified encounter but for Jane, she had found her soul-mate. Marty was unlike anyone she had every known – protective, determined, open, honest and a bit of a clown, she couldn’t help but fall for him.

Marty’s passion in sport is Hapkido, a Korean martial art with emphasis on self-defence. Marty trains and assists junior students, he holds a provisional black belt and Maya proudly trains alongside him with a red tip belt. Jane is the newest member of the Hapkido family, working towards a blue belt.  At the end of each week, Marty usually enjoys the solace of a few beers while strumming his ukulele, listening to country music or hitting the local karaoke bar (much to Maya’s dismay). He is a man of integrity who holds his friends and family close to his heart.

Marty is a Sergeant in the Queensland Police. He has worked in many roles within the service and has dedicated his life to serving and protecting. Now Marty finds himself in uncertain times, vulnerable and requiring reciprocation of the public’s assistance. Marty is a proud man who does not readily seek nor ask for help. His love and unconditional commitment to Jane and Maya is inspirational and like most cops, he is always the first in line when needed.

Your assistance with escalating expenses for medical treatment, household and financial commitments will give them the gift of time and the ability to walk this journey together. Please donate to this heartbreaking situation; any donation no matter how small will be truly appreciated.

Any money kindly donated on this page will go directly to Marty, supporting him where it is needed most. If you are not in a position to be able to contribute, please share this link.

Updates (6)

October 13, 2020 by Marty Hogan, Organizer
Marty has had a 2 month break from chemo after some nasty side effects that landed him in hospital in early August.
The break was wonderful and we had a little family holiday in September while he was looking and feeling so much better.
However yesterday we found out his cancer has progressed with new lesions in his liver and he is restarting Chemo today.
A blow to his great progress to date, we are sad but ok and preparing for the next fight.

Martin HOGAN, Marty HOGAN

Martin HOGAN, Marty HOGAN

July 14, 2020 by Marty Hogan, Organizer

Thank You

Aided by your incredible generosity we have achieved our goal to raise funds for modifications to our home to overcome the barrier of stairs. After a lengthy covid interruption in planning, we are now able to follow up on the valued advice and quotes to ensure the best solution for Marty.

Marty is now also focused on finalising tasks around our family home to ease the burden down the track. He has recently arranged for installation of security cameras and is now planning to have our house painted.

Marty continues to have chemotherapy and is fortunately tolerating the treatment well for now. We have just enjoyed some precious time with Maya during the school holidays. Treasured time with family and friends during the winter break have left us in good spirits.

We are so overwhelmed by your kindness and support, we can not thank you enough nor convey the impact it has had on our family. You have given us time together and made life a little simpler. We have received a wave of love we were not expecting nor felt we deserved.
Thank you.

We will continue to maintain the GoFunfMe page so we can stay in contact and keep you updated on Marty’s journey.

Martin HOGAN, Marty HOGAN

June 4, 2020 by Marty Hogan, Organizer
Great news this week.
6 month scan results are back and all tumours have continued to shrink. The largest tumour started out at 6cm is now 1.3cm. No new tumours. Marty continues to have chemotherapy for now.
Thank you for your messages and support. We love hearing from you and look forward to seeing you soon

Martin HOGAN, Marty HOGAN

March 23, 2020 by Marty Hogan, Organizer
Marty’s CT scan results are in!!!!
All tumors are shrinking – The biggest drop in size was a huge 6cm tumor drop to 2cm.
And no spread!!!!
Such great news Today!

Now we continue to crack on with 3 more months of chemo and zero covid.
We are keeping close to home and really love all your messages and calls.

Martin HOGAN, Marty HOGAN

February 24, 2020 by Marty Hogan, Organizer

The commissioner of the QLD police made time for us today. Katarina Carroll’s supportive visit was warm, sincere, encouraging and fun. Thank you for your continued support QPS. We feel the police family love every day

Marty is doing well on chemotherapy. He has his first scan since diagnosis on the 4th March. We are nervous but hope to be able to be able to share good results with you soon.

Thank you for your love and support

We hope you can join us on the 29th March in Northlakes at the Sunday Session organised by ‘Heart and Soul Festivals’

Martin HOGAN, Marty HOGAN

February 6, 2020 by Marty Hogan, Organizer

After just 24 hours you have helped us raise over $10,000. We are beyond overwhelmed with your messages of love and incredible contributions. Our hearts are bursting.

Today, with our CANTEEN bandanas on, we thank and salute you.

Thank you for your help and love. It has been a really special 24 hours

Martin HOGAN, Marty HOGAN

Fundraiser by Marty Hogan : Help the Hogan family battle cancer


Martin HOGAN, Marty HOGAN

Martin HOGAN, Marty HOGAN

Martin HOGAN, Marty HOGAN

Martin HOGAN, Marty HOGAN



Nothing further, than what is recorded above, is known about this person at the time of publication and further information and photos would be appreciated.


 16 April 2021




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