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Missing Persons Unit


Missing Persons Unit

Do you have family or friends who have disappeared? Who have vanished leaving no point of contact or explanation? Do you know of people who have disappeared?

In 1995 alone more than 7000 people were reported missing in New South Wales, and more than 27,000 Australia wide. Sixty per cent of people reported missing are under the age of 18.

The New South Wales Missing Persons Unit was created with the primary purpose of coordinating inquiries into people reported missing within New South Wales, and the investigation of those reported missing interstate and overseas. The Unit investigates every reported case where family and friends hold concerns for the safety and welfare of a person.

The Unit comprises 4 police and 2 additional contact officers. In addition, there are 60 Police stationed in identified Patrols as Liaison Officers. Their role is to have an understanding of all missing person reports at their patrol and to offer victim support to friends and family.

In addition to this, we liaise with agencies including the Salvation Army and the support group Family and Friends of Missing Persons, as well as Government agencies. The unit is active in communicating with affected relatives and friends assisting them to cope with this traumatic period.

We also work to generate public awareness of missing persons. By circulating missing person posters through E.A.C Multilist, City Rail, and through all Police stations in New South Wales we help to gain exposure for cases. The help of the public in providing us with information is invaluable in our location of missing persons.

The New South Wales Missing Persons Unit has been highly successful. The Unit locates 98% of those reported missing. Missing person reports can be made at any Police Station.

The NSW Missing Persons Unit’s address is:

Level 6, Ferguson Centre, 130 George Street,

It is important for people to be aware that going missing is not a crime and that it is the aim of the New South Wales Police Service to ascertain if the missing person is safe and well.

2 thoughts on “Missing Persons Unit

  • Dear Sir / Madam,

    My niece was missing for more than 3 months (since May 2023) in NSW, Sydney Australia, may I know how we can get your urgent help to search for her?

    Many thanks.

    • You will need to contact the Police Assistance Line ( 131 444 ) and make a report – or attend your local Police Station for the same purpose.



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