Nicholas Michael SKOMAROW

Nicholas Michael SKOMAROW

aka  Nick

New South Wales Police Force

from NSW Police Academy Class 195/C

Regd. #  21006

Uniform #  3854

Rank:  Training – commenced Monday 14 March 1983 ( aged 23 years, 5 months, 12 days )( 2 months, 20 days at Academy )

Probationary Constable – appointed 3 June 1983 ( aged 23 years, 8 months, 4 days )

Constable 1st Class – appointed 3 June 1988

Sergeant 2nd Class – Death

Stations:  Wentworth ( 2 yrs ), Pooncarrie, Broken Hill HWP, Warilla HWP, Sutherland HWP, Liverpool, Wollongong G.D’s

Service:   From  14 March 1983  to  24 August 2013 = 30+ years Service

Awards: National Medal – granted 6 April 2001

Born:  Wednesday  30 September 1959

Died on:  Saturday  24 August 2013

Cause:  Surgical Operation complication stemming from HOD Injuries

Age:  53 years, 10 months, 25 days

Funeral date:  Friday  30 August 2013 @ 10.30am

Funeral location:  Wollongong Church of Christ, O’Briens Rd, Figtree

Buried at:  Cremated

Memorial: NSW Police Force Service Memorial Wall, Sydney Police Centre, Surry Hills, D6 ( right wall )

NICK is NOT mentioned on the Police Wall of Remembrance *BUT SHOULD BE

An application was made for Nick to be included on the National Police Wall of Remembrance, Canberra, and the NSW Police Wall of Remembrance, Sydney due to the fact that he died as a result of complications stemming from a medical operation in direct consequence to his Duty related Injuries.  The Commissioner, Scipione, supported it but the Commander, Wollongong, at the time did NOT support the application and, to this day ( 22 March 2018. Rechecked 13 Jan 2021 – still doesn’t appear ), Nick only appears on the Police Force Service Memorial Wall at the Sydney Police Centre, Surry Hills and NOT the Police Wall of Remembrance.

As an aside, his Widow IS receiving a Police Pension as the matter was considered H.O.D.

Sgt Nick Skomarow in 2003
Sgt Nick Skomarow in 2003

Sgt Nick Skomarow in 2003
Sgt Nick Skomarow in 2003

It is with the deepest and heartfelt sadness that I let you all know that another one of our Illawarra mates has passed on.

Nick Skomarow was a 54 year old Sergeant, currently stationed at Wollongong, who had a 14 hour operation on his neck 8 days ago ( Friday 16 August ) at Figtree Private Hospital whereby he had 3 or 4 vertebra removed due to old HOD injuries suffered whilst on operational duties with the HWP.

Around 9.30am this morning ( Saturday 24 August, 2013 ) Nick was found deceased in his hospital room.  This is now a Coroners matter but it is believed that he may have suffered from a blood clot ( not confirmed ).

Nick was in “the job” for 30 years and was a bloody good bloke.

He had also been stationed at Sutherland, Broken Hill and Liverpool HWP at one stage.

On behalf of the troops still in “the job” and those of us now out of “the job”, we extend our heartfelt thanks to Nick and give our condolences to Nick’s wife, Coralie and their families.

Nick, may you forever Rest in Peace mate.

A Full Police Funeral will be held this coming Friday, 30 August, 2013, at 10.30am at Wollongong Church of Christ, O’Briens Rd, Figtree.

The family will then attend the Wollongong Crematorium for a committal service and the wake will be held at Wests Leagues Club, Unanderra.

*  *  *


of Cordeaux Heights
Taken from us too early on August 24, 2013. Adored and loving husband of Coralie.

Loving son of John and the late Tammy.

Adored father and father in law of Amanda, Aaron and Cassandra.

Much loved Poppo of Jayden. Loved brother of Victor and a dearly loved brother in law.

A much loved cousin, nephew and uncle, and a great friend and colleague to many.

Aged 53 Years

We will miss you
A special person, no one can replace.
Our memories of you will be treasured forever.

Relatives and friends are invited to attend Nick’s funeral service to be held at Newday Church (Church Of Christ), O’Briens Road, Figtree on Friday at 10:30am. Following the service his funeral will proceed to the Main Chapel, Wollongong City Memorial Gardens Crematorium, Berkeley Road, Unanderra.


*  *  *


Photos taken by Retired SenCon Greg Callander (contact details at base of website).  No copyrights attached to photos used by friends and family of Nick.

These photos are uploaded at 1.5meg but the originals are 35 meg each if anyone needs higher quality for printing etc. There are 140 photos:



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Nick worked at Pooncarrie many moons ago and was instrumental in the arrest of Darryl Suckling for several murders of young women.

Daryl Suckling’s arrest in remote NSW in the late 1980s revealed his disturbing connections with the disappearance of Jodie Larcombe from Melbourne. Charged with the murder of Jodie, then a sex worker on St Kilda’s streets, Suckling was allowed to walk free, as police investigators struggled to prove a homicide without a body. He’d previously escaped conviction more than once after brutally abducting several women.

Frustrated by legal obstacles and bad luck, one officer resigned from the force in disgust, but the case was never forgotten and investigators closed in as Suckling stalked his next victim. The grisly murder linked St Kilda with the lonely, windswept sandhills of the NSW outback near Mildura, and brought two hardened policemen close to a brave family pushed to breaking point – in the end, it was too much for Jodie’s mother, who committed suicide when Suckling appealed his eventual conviction.

Suckling is now one of 15 prisoners serving life in NSW, never to be released.




Killing Jodie ” – How Australia’s most elusive murderer was brought to Justice was penned by Janet Fife-Yeomans and can be found here:


This book mentions Nick Skomarow numerous times.



Nick also had a boat, when he was stationed out at Broken Hill, called  ‘ TJF ‘.   This usually means  ‘ The Job’s Fu*@ed ‘.


Grave vandals smash 45 headstones


Vandals have desecrated 45 graves at Wollongong Cemetery on the New South Wales south coast.

Police say the graves in the old Wesley section of the cemetery have had their headstones smashed beyond repair. They are some of the cemetery’s oldest graves.

The damage bill is estimated at $100,000.

Acting Inspector Nick Skomarow says vandals attacked the graves on Wednesday night.

“Unknown persons have entered the Wollongong Cemetery on Kenny Street and during this time 45 marked graves located in the southern end of the cemetery had their headstones smashed beyond repair,” he said.

Acting Inspector Skomarow says police are appealing for information on those responsible for the attack.

“Police are appealing for anyone who witnessed the incident or may have information that may assist investigators in identifying those responsible for the damage to contact Wollongong Police or Crime Stoppers,” he said.