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Police Commissioners of NSW


Police Commissioners Of New South Wales

SPAIN, William Inspector General                                          1 1851
MAYNE, Captain William Inspector General                                          2 1852 – 1856
McLERIE,Captain John Inspector General                                          3 1856 – 1874
FOSBERY, Edmund Walcott Inspector General                                          4 1874 – 1904
GARVIN, Thomas Inspector General                                          5 1904 – 1910
DAY, Ernest Charles Inspector General                                          6 1911 – 1915
MITCHELL, James Inspector General                                          7 1915 – 1930
CHILDS, Walter Henry Commissioner                                                8 1930 – 1935
MacKAY, William John Commissioner                                                9 1935 – 1948
SCOTT, James Frederick Commissioner                                              10 1948 – 1952
DELANEY, Colin John Commissioner                                              11 1952 – 1962
ALLAN, Norman T. W. Commissioner                                              12 1962 – 1972
HANSON, Frederick John Commissioner                                              13 1972 – 1976
WOOD, Mervyn Thomas Commissioner                                              14 1977 – 1979
LEES, James Travers Commissioner                                              15 1979 – 1981
ABBOTT, Cecil Roy Commissioner                                              16 1981 – 1984
AVERY, John Keith Commissioner                                              17 1984 – 1991
LAUER, Anthony Raymond Commissioner                                              18 1991 – 1996
RYAN, Peter Commissioner                                              19 1996 – 2002
MORONEY, Kenneth Edward Commissioner                                              20 2002 – 2007
SCIPIONE, Andrew Phillip Commissioner                                              21 2007 – 2017
FULLER, Michael J. Commissioner                                              22 2017 – 2022
WEBB, Karen Leanne Commissioner                                              23 2022 –
Commissioner                                              24
Commissioner                                              25
Commissioner                                              26
Commissioner                                              27
Commissioner                                              28
Commissioner                                              29
Commissioner                                              30

4 thoughts on “Police Commissioners of NSW

  • Celeste Olssen

    Dear Ms Webb

    I write this email on behalf of a little old lady named Mrs Clare NOWLAND–I do not know her but I’m writing to support her and her family–the news of what was done to her is quite familiar to you I’m sure. I write and send this huge outraged protest to you as the Chief Commissioner of the NSW police, to register my absolute horror at the assault on her by members of the NSW police at Cooma with a taser.
    When one thinks that the world and the society cannot get any worse, one hears something like this!!!! AND that it has been perpetrated by law enforcement people who are supposed to PROTECT the community which I am sure includes PROACTIVE responses by the way??). This lady was 43 kilograms and 95 years of age!!!!!!!! Does police training these days consist of such a weak pathetic standard, that it cannot even deal with a little person of this age who I’m sure it will be revealed, was disoriented obviously as a result of her dementia??!!
    I write on behalf of her beautiful family, and the dear little lady herself who has had an exemplary life on this earth for most of her time upon it. God help us if this is ‘policing’ in the future where an incompetent nursing home rings the police to ‘rescue them from a tiny little lady with a knife’ –a 95 year old fragile, 43 kg frightened little person who just needed to be dealt with in a much more intelligent basic way, than TASERING!!!!!!!! This is one of the most appalling stories for 2023 so far I have to say. I hope the family claim and receive compensation from every quarter as a result of this disgraceful unnecessary brutal assault.

    • Celeste, I invite you to join the NSW Police, or any other Policing Forces of Australia and even to become a Nursing Practitioner in order that this sort of outrage simply doesn’t happen again.

  • Andrew Morriss

    Tasering a 95 year old woman is the bottom of the barrel. I think that the problem stems from the top. Its not an issue of training its a mental illness that would give an officer the idea to taser a 95 year old regardless of what she had as a weapon. The ego of some of these officers is rediculous. Its us against them if this officer isn’t removed from the force and charged with gbh or assualt at least. Already the NSW police are covering up as we speak as Cotter has closed ranks. If you can’t take a knife off a 95 year old lady then you should be in other work. What is the name of the scumbag who did it?

    • Step up Andrew,
      NSW Police are always seeking highly trained and professional people.
      This could be your opportunity to walk in the shoes of policing.


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