Anthony Raymond LAUER

Commissioner of Police Anthony Raymond Lauer

Regd. #  8019

March 1991 – 19 February 1996

Anthony Raymond LAUER - NSWPF - Commissioner 1991 - 1996Anthony Raymond Lauer was born in Newcastle on 19 December 1935.   Lauer joined the force at the age of 19 and was involved in general duty police work at Penrith Police Station.

He became involved in special investigation and patrol duties in 1960, being attached to the No 21 Mobile Division.  Criminal investigation occupied much of his time between 1961 to 1972 where he reached the rank of detective sergeant.  In 1972 Lauer completed his Diploma in Criminology and joined the Special Crime Squad and Criminal Intelligence Unit at the CIB.  In 1982 he became officer-in-charge of the CIB’s Task Force Two and was later appointed district detective inspector in charge of the Penrith, Blacktown and Blue Mountains area.  In 1984 Lauer returned to Headquarters and was promoted to Superintendent in 1985 and later Chief Superintendent.  Leading up to his appointment as Commissioner, Mr Lauer became Commander of the State Drug Group (1988) and Deputy Commissioner (1990).

Mr Lauer was appointed Commissioner of Police in March 1991 and was remembered for being a strong anti-corruption fighter.  Tony Lauer resigned from office on 19 February 1996.