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Mervyn Thomas WOOD


Commissioner of Police Mervyn Thomas Wood
1977 to 1979

Mervyn Thomas WOOD - NSWPF - Commissioner 1977 - 1979Mervyn Thomas Wood was born in Sydney on 30 April 1917.  He was the son of a Redfern police sergeant and a former Olympic rower, competing in the 1936, 1948, 1952 and 1956 Olympic Games.  Wood joined NSW Police as a cadet at the age of 18 on the 29 April 1935.

Police Cadet # 0062.  NSWPF Regd. # 4169   Appointed as a Probationary Constable on 30 April 1938.

Wood worked in the Metropolitan Area and Fingerprint Section in 1940 and became Officer-in-Charge of the Fingerprint Section in 1941.  He later became Officer-in-Charge of No 5. Police Division and Superintendent-in-Charge of Chatswood Police District in 1974.

Wood was appointed Commissioner of Police on 1 January 1977 during a turbulent time of corruption and mishandled murder investigations.  He resigned in June 1979 because he was concerned “with the effects that such allegations are having on morale, reputation and standing of the NSW Police Force.”