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Australian Police

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Today the NSW Police Force utilises many modes of transport. Yet back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s the horse and bicycle were the only means of transportation.

In 1915 the Force obtained its first patrol car. By 1916 the benefits of modern transport were being recognised and the Police Force motor vehicle fleet grew to include motorcycles.

Of course, horses and bicycles were not devalued with the advent of the combustion engine and indeed, both are still used today.

In 1925, the then Commissioner of Police, James Mitchell toured the United States of America and parts of Europe to make a detailed study of other police services. Upon his return two major changes were implemented. These were a dramatic increase in the number of Police Motorcycles and Cars, and the establishment of the Public Safety Bureau. The Bureau was initially created to deal with drivers who exceeded the speed limit, but later was expanded to encompass all manner of police duties.

Now police have a variety of vehicles at their disposal including: motorbikes, patrol cars, specialist cars, prison vans, four wheel drives and rescue vehicles.

All police officers are given rigorous training at the Police Driving Training School in Goulburn.

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