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NSW Police Legacy


Mission Statement:

“That no widow, widower or child of deceased, serving, or former Police Officers will ever feel forgotten or in need.”

It recognises the role Police perform in the community, the difficulties of a job which too often demands the ultimate sacrifice and the effect of this loss on their families.
The work of Police Legacy enables legatees to keep their memories and pride in their loved one alive, as part of the wider police family network.

Legacy asks the question:
If this officer had not died, what would they have wanted for their family? What opportunities would they have tried to give their children?


About NSW Police Legacy

NSW Police Legacy is a not-for-profit organisation, started in 1988, which provides emotional and financial support to the widows and children of deceased police officers. Currently, NSW Police Legacy provides support to more than 1300 Police family members, caring for children as young as two, and widows as old as 101.

The work of Police Legacy

Its work includes managing the children’s trust funds and raising funds to provide a range of educational and social activities for its members. Assistance is available for grief and trauma counselling, and in many other ways, for example:

  • Much needed repairs to elderly widows’ rundown homes
  • Educational grants to assist with school fees and clothing
  • Life education trips for young teens
  • Trust fund management and allocation of monies

NSW Police Legacy is a registered charity. Its committed Board of Directors receive no financial reward ensuring that over 90 percent of all funds raised go directly towards the needs of your deceased colleagues’ families.

Throughout the year, a range of social activities take place which ensures that widows and children alike can keep in touch and share their experiences with others who have suffered in similar ways.

Throughout NSW, volunteer legators – usually retired or serving Police offices – keep in touch with legatees. They are an excellent point of contact for legatee families if they encounter a situation they feel unable to cope with, or just for a chat and an understanding ear.


For a donation of as little as $1.00 each pay, police officers can be sure that the work of NSW Police Legacy continues, and rest easy that their family and the families of their colleagues would be cared for if current circumstances changed. All donations over $2.00 per annum are tax deductible.

The Secretary
NSW Police Legacy
PO BOX 20065
World Square, NSW 2002

Tel: 02 92641311


Fax: 02 92837898

Other donations can be made by mailing a cheque payable to NSW Police Legacy.

For queries, contact The Secretary on 02 92641311



Or visit the NSW Police Legacy Website

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