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Well after many e-mails requesting as to ‘where and how’ people could obtain items relating to the NSW Police Force………… it is ….The NSW Police Shop. The Police Shop has been established to provide a retail outlet where members of Police Forces as well as interested members of the community can purchase quality promotional clothing, souvenirs, gifts and memorabilia that bears reference to Policing and training within New South Wales.

The shop is located within the NSW Police College, Goulburn. Goulburn is located 177 kilometres South West of Sydney. The College provides accommodation and training for students seeking entry to the NSW Police Force as well as training for serving members.

The range of items offered for sale from the Police Shop is extensive and have been provided based on the wants and needs of shop customers. Items offered for sale in the main are only available from the Police Shop NSW.

Promotional clothing identifies the source of purchase as do souvenirs, gifts and memorabilia, a collector, member of a Police Force or interested members of the community will be impressed with the quality and design of available shop items. Most items can be individualised if requested.

The management of the shop are always open to suggestions as to new or special items that the customer may require, a professional business relationship with suppliers allows us to provide that special Gift or individualised item of clothing.

The shop is open during normal trading hours and is staffed by professional sales personnel who are available to assist the customer. Management of the shop rests with a Board of Control who in line with an agreement with the NSW Police Force return profit from sales to the College to provide equipment and facilities for the exclusive use of students.

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