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Our Fallen Police data entry form ( pre May 2023 ) Blank




AKA  ? 


Late of  ? 



Relation in ” the job “:  Their names, State, Regd. # here





“possible” relation in ‘the job’:    ?





NSW Goulburn Police Academy / Police Training Centre – Redfern  / Police Training College – Penrith / Belmore Barracks  Class #  ? ? ? 


NSW Police Cadet # ????


New South Wales Police Force


Regd. #’s  ????? 


Previous Regd # ( rejoinee )


Rank:  Commenced Training at  ?    Police Academy    as a Police Cadet / Junior Trainee / Trainee / rejoinee on Monday ? ? ?


Probationary Constable- appointed ? ? ?


Constable – appointed ? ? ?


Constable 1st Class – appointed ? ? ? 


Detective – appointed ? ? ?


Senior Constable – appointed ? ? ? 


Leading Senior Constable – appointed ? ? ?


Sergeant 3rd Class – appointed ? ? ? 


Sergeant 2nd Class – appointed ? ? ?


Sergeant 1st Class – appointed ? ? ? 


Inspector – appointed ? ? ? 


Chief Inspector – appointed ? ? ? 


Superintendent – appointed ? ? ? 


Chief Superintendent – appointed ? ? ?


Final Rank: =  ?






Service: From  ? ? ?      to      ? ? ?  =     ? years Service


Retirement / Leaving age:?

Time in Retirement from Police?





Service name:

Service number:


Unit Name:

Date of birth: 

Place of birth:

Date of intake:

Date of exit:

Total Days:

NS Training:                       ?

National Service:

Follow Up Training:         ?

Basic Training:                  ?

Next of Kin:                        ?

Medals:                               None for display


Police Awards?

Awards:  National Medal – granted ? ? ?

1st Clasp to National Medal – granted ? ? ?

2nd Clasp to National Medal – granted ? ? ?

any other medals here




 Born:   ? ? ?

Died on:   ? ? ?

Age? years,

Organ Donor:  Y / N / ?




Event location:   ?


Event date ?


Funeral date? ? ?

Funeral location?

LIVE STREAM details    ?



any Future Wake location???

any Future Wake date???



Funeral Parlour: ?


Buried at?


Grave Location:  Plot:  ?         Section:   ?

Grave GPS:                         ?,                    ?


Memorial / Plaque / Monument located at?


Dedication date of Memorial / Plaque / Monument: Nil – at this time ( February 2023 )



?  is NOT mentioned on the Police Wall of Remembrance  * BUT SHOULD BE

?  is NOT mentioned on the Police Wall of Remembrance  *NEED MORE INFO

?  IS mentioned on the Police Wall of Remembrance

?  is NOT mentioned on the Police Wall of Remembrance * NOT JOB RELATED

?  IS mentioned on the Sydney Police Centre Memorial Wall, Surry Hills





May they forever Rest In Peace 

Australian Police YouTube Channel


The above is the current ( pre May 2023 ) template that I use to record the Passing of our brothers / sisters in Blue.


The reason for this particular Post is to give you the opportunity to fill out your details before we all fall off our perch – which would save me and incredible amount of time from having to research your details for a Memorial Post in the future.

On average it takes me around 6 – 8 hours to research, record and update each and every Memorial Post.

By filling out these details, and forwarding them onto me, I can pre-fill the templates and keep them on record.

Obviously, the fields that don’t relate to yourself – can be left blank or crossed out.

I am also opening the door for you to send me any relevant photos of your time in Policing ( or even outside of Policing ) that you would like to eventually share on your Memorial Post.  This is NOT just for NSW but ANY in Australian.

I am also open to you recording ( either video / verbally ( audio recording ) / or text ) any last words you may wish to say upon your Passing.  Perhaps a final message to family and friends.  A voice from the past.  The door is open for you to have recorded what You want recorded for History and future Family ( whether that be Blood family or Policing Family ).

YOU have so much History to share.  Don’t take it to the grave with you.


Is there anything you would like to see placed upon these Memorial Posts?

What other information would you like to see recorded?

How can these Memorial Posts be presented better?


It has been suggested that ( in previous Memorials ) there are too many red question marks.

The reason behind those red question marks is that I simply don’t know the information or have not Verified that piece of information and the red question mark is presented so that others, who may know, can offer up that information so that the Memorial Post can be further enhanced.  To do this, you only need to send me an email.  At the present time, the information can not be updated by others.  I am looking into this as I look towards upgrading and updating the website.


If I know that you don’t qualify for a certain area ( not everyone make it to Sergeant or above etc ) then I can simply remove those areas in order to ‘tidy up’ your Memorial.

Remember, I can only obtain a lot of this information with the assistance of yourself, friends, family or c0llegues.


If you do decide to take advantage of this offer, simply print out the above template, fill in as much detail as you can and forward it to me at

I have numerous resources at my disposal but not all the answers and look forward to you helping me to help you.



For those that don’t know me:

I was a member of the NSWPF between 1975 to 2003 ( # 17463 ) and attached to Fairfield GDs, Four Wheels, Cabramatta GDs, Wollongong GDs, Warilla HWP, Wollongong HWP, South Region Command – Hurstville, Sutherland HWP ( on their roster only – whilst I worked out of South Region Command ), Warilla GDs, Pt Kembla GDs, Warilla GDs.

I have owned for 21 years ( which also pre-dates Facebook ).

I own

and all other ( States/Territories of Australia ) Fallen Police FB Groups.  Simply change NSW with Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania, AFP, ACT, SouthAustralia/NorthernTerritory/WesternAustralia


I have dedicated the website to our Fallen Brothers and Sisters – no matter what State / Territory you Served.  No matter how long you Served.  No matter why / how you finished Serving.  No matter if you Pass On or Off Duty or in Retirement etc.  I also Honour those who worked alongside of, or for us, such as General Support Officers, Volunteers In Policing, Civilian Support staff etc.


The website is funded by me and Hosted / Sponsored by Website Essentials, in Qld.

This website is not funded by any outside sources and Memorial Posts are solely recorded, kept, maintained and updated by me alone.


Looking forward to your responses.


Many regards and stay safe;


Greg ‘Cal’ Callander

NSWPF # 17463

1975 – 2003







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