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Here are a few tips to consider when photographing valuables such as antiques, special collections or jewellery.


  • Use good quality 35 mm SLR type camera, that has a good quality zoom lens, with “macro” capability. With this remember to use a flash unit for inside shots.

  • Use a 100 or 400 ASA film.


  • Full frame views should be taken of the subject (s) at all times. A general photograph should be taken of the item, from two sides (views). These photographs should be taken with a ruler or other item in the photograph to indicate the size of the item. Take closer or “macro” photographs if necessary to identify unique features or serial numbers of the items.


  • Where a photograph is taken of an object with a flat side, try to take the picture on a slight angle to avoid the flash reflecting back and creating a ‘hot-shot‘ (reflection) on the object.


  • Where possible items of value should be photographed in the home to show where they belong in the house. Remove personal pictures to avoid drawing unwarranted attention to the ownership of these items.


  • Store the negatives and prints in separate buildings.

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