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Police & Friends Touring Motorcycle Club – The Blue Liners Au

Assistant Commissioner
Clive McLachlan (retired)

The Blue Liners started in 1992 when a group of police and friends decided to ride their bikes to Tamworth. This run was so enjoyable they decided they should make it an annual run and hence from humble beginnings the club evolved. The main culprits were Assistant Commissioner Clive McLachlan (now retired), Chief Inspector Gary Middleton (retired) and Sgt Ray Robinson (retired). It is to these men we say thanks for the foundation work put in to this great club.

Aims of The Blue Liners:

  • To provide, for those who enjoy an escape on their cycles, an enjoyable atmosphere, with camaraderie, where everyone can reach an interesting destination safely and relax and enjoy each others company.
  • To, while enjoying ourselves, raise money for charity (usually a children’s charity) and to know we are doing our bit to help. We are a non-profit making organisation, all profit outside of running costs is donated to charity.
  • To show to other road users there are responsible motor cyclists on the road and hopefully make them more aware of motor bikes.

    Who Can Join:

    Any person who enjoys motor cycling may become a member. FULL MEMBERSHIP is restricted however to those who hold a current Motorcycle Licence. Others may join as ASSOCIATE MEMBERS and will be afforded the same rights and privileges as Full Members.


    The Future:

    We are still growing and will have more personal items with club logo’s etc that you will be able to purchase. Anyone with any ideas are welcome to put them forward to the committee.

    Please visit The Blue Liners Motorcycle Touring Club WEB SITE
    Application Form for Membership can be found, via the Secretary, – HERE.

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