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Australian Police

The Thin Blue Line – Australian Police


Police Anthem – ‘ Requiescat ‘


 The actual bugle call was composed by the Victorian Police Band conductor – Inspector Don Jarrett.

Dennis Williams conducted the NSW Police band from 1988 to 2001.
Dennis set the bugle call to a band arrangement so the recording you just heard is his arrangement.

This Anthem is now being widely used by the NSW Police Force Band and at Police Memorials / Funerals. 

It will also be played at the annual Police Remembrance Day service.

It is asked that this Anthem be played at future Police Funerals / Memorials

8 thoughts on “Police Anthem – ‘ Requiescat ‘

  • How do I get a copy of that lovely music?

    • Hi Rod,

      Simply click on the audio clip and right mouse click. You should get a pop up menu on your computer: Save Audio As: Then Save it to your own computer.


      • Hi Cal,

        I am a current member and somewhat current trumpeter. Do you know if the sheet music for the bugle/trumpet line is available anywhere?


        • Hi Dave,
          I have just sent a message to a mate who plays in the NSWPF Pipe Band to ask if he knows where it can be found.
          Hit me up tomorrow and I will check his response mate.


        • It appears Dennis Williams former NSW Police band member is the composer.
          I googled him and he has entry under Saxton Speakers.
          Might be a good starting point to track him down, otherwise search for the sheet music through Google.
          Also try contacting the Police Band to see if they can help.

          • Thanks Cal.

          • Dennis Williams

            I arranged that call when I conducted the nsw police band.
            The arrangement can be had by giving the band conductor a ring.
            His name is John Saunders.
            Cheers. Dennis Williams

        • Dennis Williams

          Give the nsw police band a ring


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