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Police Dog – Survivor Jeff


Police Dog – Survivor Jeff 

Late of Batemans Bay

New South Wales Police Force

Regd. #  P.D. ‘ Survivor Jeff ‘

RankPolice Dog

Handler:  Sergeant Roger Mayer # 20031

Stations:  NSW Police Dog Unit

ServiceFrom  ? ? 2008 to  ? ? 2013 = 5 years Service

Awards:   ?

Born:   21 May 2007

Died:  Thursday  19 July 2018

Age:  11

Cause:   Age

Event date:  Thursday  19 July 2018

Funeral date:  Thursday  19 July 2018

Buried at:   Home

 Memorial located at:   ?


Police Handler - Sgt Roger Mayer & Police Dog - Survivor Jeff<br />
Police Handler – Sgt Roger Mayer & Police Dog – Survivor Jeff

[alert_blue]JEFF is NOT mentioned on the Police Wall of Remembrance[/alert_blue] * NOT JOB RELATED




 Funeral location:  Batemans Bay





May they forever Rest In Peace


Roger H Mayer

I would like to celebrate the Life and Times of my best mate. PD Survivor Jeff.

He came in to the world on 21/5/2007 with some siblings.

Father NSW Police Dog Haas of some Notoriety.

Mother a NZ Police Brood bitch with poor mothering skills. She ate all but two of the pups.

A surrogate mother, also a NSW PD killed the 2nd last one.

The remaining pup, Survivor Jeff.

His Grand father by all accounts was a well respected and feared South African Police Dog. His seed much sought after.

Young Jeff proved to be a bit of a hoodlum when being puppy walked and very high spirited.
I was due to re-team in June 2008. As a 52 year old Sergeant Dog Handler who was never the fastest bloke on the track I was given Jeff. Partly as punishment by the Ma’am – ( Supt Julie Middlemiss ). I think she believed, from prior progeny from HAAS that all failed to become police dogs, Jeff would follow suit.

I met Jeff, after some debate with Ma’am saying I needed time to get some sort of a bond two weeks before the course commenced at Bringelly in June 2008.
I met this stringy 12 month old ( B 21st May) dog and immediately felt a bond with him. Took him home and kept my mouth shut at what a cracking good dog I had in case someone changed their mind.

I commenced the course with some great blokes and dogs ( I may be corrected but this might be one of a few, if any, who all commenced and completed the course with same dogs)
Mark Smith and Harry, John Basan and Bernie, Gav Lawrence and Odie (Bodie), Paul Cornale and Boags.

I was still the slowest bloke on the course with one of the fastest dogs. Jeff made me look good; and for the next 10 years made me look good.
Great course with some great blokes. I was very fortunate to win the “Chuck Connor” trophy by about half a point from Mark Smith who with Harry had great obedience.

Jeff was not a brilliant Police Dog nor I a brilliant handler. He did everything I asked of him and then gave more. Being a supervisor I found myself locked in the supervisors office most shifts counting glocks answering phones, doing CMF, PMS, COPS everything but catching crooks.
Every chance I got I would escape and hunt developing Jeff. He loved the work.

In 2009 an opportunity came up to travel to Queensland Police Academy to train in Human Remains Detection (Cadaver) There were two positions. Paul Cornale and Boags were selected and I threw my hat in the ring.
The bosses fought but I begged and even cried I think to be allowed to go.
Bruno,(Paul Cornale) Boags, Jeff and I went!

I spent a month with Bruno in the antiquated barracks in Oxley loving every second of it.

Jeff excelled himself in the course and we were all accredited as Human Remains detection teams. There was a bit of QLD NSW rivalry but the QLD guys were so good to us. Best dog on the course was Tank handled by Ben Mac. What a cracking good dog. Little tough bastard bit like a croc. And Ben built like a bull didn’t need a dog.

I was so happy to be away from the office, phones PMS, CMT, COPS S.H.I.T. CMF and the rest playing with smelly body pieces and skid marked undies was heaven.

We returned to Sydney and increased the Cadaver dogs to 3 from 1 with Dave Cole and OSCAR ( Great Cadaver dog, son of ANJA my previous PD)

Together we did many jobs and Jeff, god bless him loved the work. He would not stop searching to the point I would have to tie him up or put him in the car so he would rest.
I was always very proud to be his handler when looking for missing people with their loved ones present thanking us for our efforts. Working with SCC, Homicide and Gangs Squads, educating them on where likely spots to hide or find bodies and how to get rid of bodies. They always remarked, ” You have thought about this a bit haven’t you “? Worried looks followed.
I was just so happy to be out in the bush with Jeff looking for a body. Jeff always did me proud and, as I said, made me and the Dog Unit look good.

In 2011 the PTSD bus hit me. As a result I was retired on 18th July 2013.
At this juncture I was not thinking properly ( more than usual). I must thank Mick Goodwin the Boss at the time he gave me Jeff. I believe without Jeff, Jane Mayer-Simcock my wife and girls Dayna and Kyrah, Things might have not gone so well.

From 2013 onwards Jeff and I were together, Jane could always find me, Just look for Jeff.

He continued to help people, Training dogs with aggression issues, Rangers how to deal with Dangerous dogs. People with fears of dogs. Everyone who came in to contact with the big fella loved him.
He had no malice or any vices. This may be hard to believe, but many can attest to it, but when working off lead he never chased any game, cat, other dog, roo’s wallaby’s, rabbits. He would just watch them go by and continue searching.

Last week on Wednesday he showed some lameness in his left shoulder. On and off over the last couple of years.
I took him to the vet Saturday started on some anti inflammatories.

Monday I was not happy and went back.

Heavier drugs, X-Rays Tuesday. Lunch time Tuesday shown number of spurs on spine and fused disc on thoracic. Probably accounting for shoulder pain not picked up in previous visits.
We were sending the x-rays to canberra for a specialist to view and looking at CT Scan in Canberra.

Wednesday 18th, 5 years since retirement, Jeff worse. Could not move properly fell on his face having dinner.

I decided on Wednesday it would be his last nightThursday would be his last day. Put him to bed at foot of our bed and he did not move all night.

Thursday morning 19th he could not get up. I went out with Jane to do the horses. He always comes up. Some how he got to the middle of the hall way. When we got back, he had managed to get to the door to the garage but no further.

I picked him up and took him to the vet where he was put to sleep in the back of his ute with me holding his head.

I took him home and left him in the ute until after lunch. Jane and I went up near the horse sheds to the track where I walk the dogs every day and he was laid to rest in the bush facing the house so he can still look after us.

I will now be able to say g’day every time I walk past.

Jeff thank you for all you did, your patience with a dumb handler ( you probably deserved a better one) your work ethic and care of all our family even Mollie (Cavoodle) who only in the last week spoke to you.

RIP Big Fella

Your Dad





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  • Michelle Cranna

    Lovely story Roger, bringing a tear, it’s so hard to see them off over the rainbow bridge. We too bury out friends up the back yard, side by side and facing the house, watching over us always..


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