How much do you know about your States Police Service?

This general knowledge quiz will test how much you know about the New South Wales Police Service and those people who make your community a safe place for you to live in.

This is Quiz No:1
Good Luck with your scoring!
Objective: Answer 5 questions out of 10 correctly. JavaScript required!

1. What was the name of the last NSW Police Commissioner?
Peter T Ryan
Peter A Ryan
Peter J Ryan
Peter P Ryan

2. That Police Commissioner was appointed in what year?
30 August 1995
30 August 1996
30 August 1997
30 August 1998

3. That Police Commissioner came to Australia from what country?

4. Who was the last Police Minister in NSW?
Paul Whelin
Paul Whean
Paul Wheel
Paul Whelan

5. The police insignia worn on the shirt of a police officer has an image of what
     kind of bird?

Black Raven
Wedge-tail Eagle
Australian Hawk

6. Police in NSW are issued with what coloured cover for their note book?
Blue and white
Blue and black
Blue only
Black only

7. The main utility type vehicle used by NSW Police is made by who ?

8. The caged truck is nicknamed the what?
Paddy truck
Paddy vehicle
Paddy wagon
Paddy unit

9. What do the letters 'PAL stand for?
Police At Last
Police And Lawyers
Police At Large
Police Assistance Line
Police Assistance Lounge 

10. The New South Wales Police emblem has a wreath surrounding the outside of it.  Do you know what colour it is?