How much do you know about your States Police Service?

That lot was easy by a long should have scored a ten!
Now the general questions get a little harder......give it a go and see how you fair.

This is Quiz No:2   The questions are becoming harder.
Good Luck with your scoring!
Objective:Answer 7 questions out of 10 correctly. JavaScript required!

1. How many 'Region Commands' are there in NSW at the moment?
13 Region Commands
12 Region Commands
11 Region Commands
14 Region Commands

2. Each Region Command has Local Area Commands ('LAC's) within its area. How many
    LAC's  are there in the State of NSW?

68 Local Area Commands
79 Local Area Commands
80 Local Area Commands
83 Local Area Commands

3. Police Officers wear name tags now instead of the old style numbers on their shirt.
    If you were speaking with a Police Officer wearing a 'dark blue' name tag, what rank 
    would he hold?

Senior Constable

4. Neighbourhood Watch is the community and police working together to establish what?
To establish that all neighbour's watch each other
To establish that watch and clocks are set to the local time
To establish community help in watching the car parks for litter
To establish a safer environment within the community

5. A 'Safety House' is used by people or children who are what?
Need safety lessons before riding a bike
Need a place to leave their stuff in so it will be safe
Need a safe and secure place when scared or frightened
Need safety tips on riding skate boards or bikes

6. The New South Wales Police Insignia has a  Latin Motto that reads:
     'Culpam poena premit comes',  which when translated means what?

'Punishment follows you to gaol'
'Punishment follows close on guilt'
'Punishment follows the guilty'
'Punishment follows all guilt'

7. The New South Wales Police Insignia displays a crown, signifying what?
Her Majesty's Justice
Her Majesty's Courts
Her Majesty's Law
Her Majesty's Government

8. The Australian Wedge-tailed Eagle featured in the Police Insignia is holding 
    a red what in its claws?

Piece of rope

9. The New South Wales Police Insignia displays a green laurel wreath, this
     wreath signifies what?

Achievement now Victory
Achievement and Victory
Achievement for Victory
Achievement not Victory
Achievement and now Victory

10. The New South Wales Police Insignia was designed and adopted in what year?