Australian Police

Australian Police

The Thin Blue Line – Australian Police

Manly LAC


Police stations within the Manly Local Area Command

3 Belgrave Street
Manly 2005
Phone: 02 99768099  ( current as of 2023 )
Fax: 02 9977 9420

Manly Police Station:
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One thought on “Manly LAC

  • Robert Coleman

    Dear Manly Police,
    Recently my google account was hacked and I had to protect my account.
    They must be good hackers because I keep on changing my password for google but not for anything else. Recently they logged into a phone that I presume was theirs. On my laptop, I can see where the phone is, ring it, and erase all data. I was wondering what to do?

    Kind regards,
    Robert Coleman


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