Thredbo Village
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Thredbo Village
Popular skiing destination and starting point for the walk to the top of Mount Kosciuszko

Unlike the other locations in the Kosciuszko area, Thredbo Village is legitimately an all year resort. This delightful township, located below the snowline on the Alpine Way 97 km from Cooma, 498 km from Sydney and 1370 m above sea level, is as close as Australia will ever get to a genuine alpine settlement. The chalets, the narrow winding streets, the skiing and bracing ‘mountain walks’ ambience all contribute to a feeling that this is like no other town in Australia.

Thredbo Village

Thredbo came into existence as the Thredbo gold diggings in the 1860s and while the river bed wasn’t lined with nuggets (as it was at Kiandra) the miners persisted until the 1930s. In the 1950s, as the Alpine Way was built, more and more skiers came to the area to ski the slopes of Crackenback. The village slowly developed so that now it is one of the most attractive locations in the mountains.

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The ski runs opposite Thredbo Village

Snow and summer activities
Thredbo has a reputation as a ski resort (and not always a brilliant one as the snow is prone to run out before the slope does – although the acquisition of snow making equipment should remove these problems) the local businesses have made a concerted effort to make the summer attractions as interesting as the winter ones. The village boasts a golf course, tennis courts, mountain bicycling facilities, horse riding, and for the really adventurous, paragliding from Crackenback Mountain.

Seamans Hut – an emergency shelter

The walk from the ski lift is not difficult. In fact, in order to protect the alpine flora, the National Parks and Wildlife Service have built metal walkways which make the walk even easier than it already is.