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The increase of illegal amphetamine use among young Australians is an emerging problem within our community. The harmful effects of these amphetamines, – ‘speed’ – should be of concern to all of us.

Over the past few years Police have successfully detected many illegal and extremely dangerous laboratories where speed is made. As a result, large quantities of speed, chemicals and apparatus used for prod have been seized which has a potential whole-sale value in excess of $20 million.

The police need and welcome any information that you can give regarding these illegal laboratories where speed is made. As part of the Neighbourhood Watch and its commitment to Crime Prevention and Public Safety, this information is intended to help you identify if anyone in your neighbourhood is involved in the illegal production of amphetamines.
WHERE CAN SPEED BE MANUFACTURED? Amphetamines come in many forms: tablets, capsules, liquids, powders or crystals. Although some laboratories are large scale, all the equipment necessary for making ‘speed’ may be assembled on a space no bigger than a kitchen table. Therefore any location which allows privacy is suitable for use as a ‘speed’ laboratory. CAUSES FOR SUSPICION No matter how carefully the laboratory is concealed inside normal-looking premises, ‘speed’ manufacturing always produces unusual circumstances and behaviour. Here are some of the signs which could mean a laboratory is operating near you…………… IN COUNTRY AREAS

  • Unusual activity or traffic to and from vacant or remote premises.
  • Unusually high security including guard dogs, high fences etc.
  • Indiscriminately dumped chemical containers.
  • Unaccountable fires or explosions.



  • Inconsistent or irregular occupancy of motel/hotel rooms, rented premises, factories, warehouses, caravans or commercial buildings.
  • Blackened or covered windows.
  • Evidence of unusually high security.
  • Stored or discarded chemical containers.
  • Delivery of chemicals, gas cylinders or laboratory equipment.
  • Unusual smoke or odours issuing from premises.
  • Unaccountable fires or explosions.
  • Alterations to water and/or electricity services.
  • Unaccountable headaches or nausea.


  • If you notice any of these tell tale signs around your neighbourhood, do not attempt to confirm your suspicions by approaching the premises or questioning the suspects yourself. IT IS TOO DANGEROUS! Simply phone the appropriate numbers on this page, and help the police stop amphetamine traffic at its source.



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