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Driver Fatigue


Fatigue is not necessarily associated with long trips or heavy vehicles and it is difficult to assess. In general terms:

  • 60% of crashes/near misses occur within the first 2 hours of a journey
  • incidents are more likely on the return trip
  • Although relatively constant throughout the year the incidence of fatigue related crashes is higher during Sept to Dec and this phenomena is also experienced my drivers in urban areas, particularly on their journeys home at the end of the working day.


1996 96 2337 2433
1997 116 2168 2284
1998 110 2377 2487

* RTA Figs

Police are actively involved in the development of national heavy vehicle policy to better manage rest and driving hours, in conjunction with heavy vehicle enforcement.

Part of the Police service strategy to combat driver fatigue includes:

  • promoting the ‘Stop, Revive, Survive’ message by visiting Driver Reviver sites
  • conducting coordinated high profile media and enforcement campaigns during high risk holiday periods and long weekends
  • speaking to drivers in remote areas during RBT to promote awareness and encourage rest break

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