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Stop – Rest – And Stay Alive

The weekend has arrived, the weather is fine and sunny, the kids are eager to get a start on their holidays on the South Coast and the beach is calling them! “Come on mum, we are ready to go” a voice calls from the front yard “lets hit the road!”

Dad has packed up the car and Mum has made up some sandwiches to nibble on during the trip to the long awaited south coast.

The traffic is moving along just fine, but it seems that you are still some distance from your destination……..“dad can we stop for a little while and stretch our legs” a voice echo’s from the back seat, “ no not yet, we’ll be there in another hour or so, and then you can go to the beach for a swim”.

You now push a little harder on the accelerator because you too are feeling a little tired and can’t wait until you see the south coast beach that you are heading for, so why waste time stopping when you don’t need to? The traffic is now building up, and if you stop you will be behind all those slow vehicles, especially that guy with the caravan……boy is he a slow poke!

How wrong was that stupid decision?

If you feel tired stop and rest for ten minutes or more, get out and get some fresh air into your lungs, stretch those legs and clear your head! A short stop may save your life or that of your love ones, not to mention some other poor party that would also like to enjoy their holidays too!

When all’s said and done……that beach you are heading for has been there for hundreds of years so what’s the great rush?…….it’s not going anywhere, an hour or two won’t see it disappear!

To see the result of this drivers attitude, pass your mouse over the family car and see what a short break may have prevented.

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