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Robert Keith MURRAY


Robert Keith MURRAY 


Late of  ? 

“possible” relation in ‘the job’:


NSW Police Training Centre – Redfern  –  Class #  156


New South Wales Police Force


Regd. #  17709

Uniform # 3141


Rank:  Commenced Training at Redfern Police Academy on Monday 4 July 1977 ( aged 20 years, 7 months, 21 days )

Probationary Constable- appointed Monday 12 September 1977 ( aged 20 years, 9 months, 30 days )

Constable – appointed 12 September 1978

Constable 1st Class – appointed 12 September 1982


Final Rank: =  Constable 1st Class 


Stations?, Darlinghurst Police Stn – Retirement


Service: From  4 July 1977  to  2 February 1987 = 9 years, 6 months, 29 days Service


Retirement / Leaving age: =  30 years, 2 months, 20 days

Time in Retirement from / or Leaving the Police: 35 years, 0 months, 23 days


Awards:  No Find on Australian Honours system – although: 

Commissioner’s Commendation ( Awarded for Courageous Actions or Meritorious Service )


Winner of the George Lewis Trophy – ( Most Courageous Act )



 Born:  Tuesday 13 November 1956

Died on:  Friday 25 February 2022

Age:  65 years, 3 months, 12 days

Organ Donor:  Y / N / ?


Cause:  Cancer – Bowel 

Event location:   ?

Event date ?


Funeral date:  Wednesday 9 March 2022 @ 12.30PM

Funeral location:  Camden Haven Anglican Church, Lakewood, ( Laurieton ) NSW

Video shot by Carbon Copy Digital

( click here to see Cornona19 Virus Pandemic rules – this will be a limited numbers Funeral )

Wake location:  North Haven Bowling Club

Wake date:  Wednesday 9 March 2022

( Due to current Govt. restrictions on ‘Gatherings’ due to Corona19 Virus Pandemic, some families may wish to have a Memorial Service / Wake with friends and family at a later date )


Funeral Parlour: Mid coast Funerals, 168 Gordon St, Pt Macquarie, NSW

Buried at: ?


Memorial / Plaque / Monument located at?

Dedication date of Memorial / Plaque / Monument: Nil – at this time ( April 2022 )



 ROBERT is NOT mentioned on the Police Wall of Remembrance  *NEED MORE INFO





May they forever Rest In Peace

Australian Police YouTube Channel 



Robert Keith MURRAY  AKA  Robert MURRAY, Bob MURRAY,  Chuck MURRAY



Robert Keith MURRAY   AKA  Robert MURRAY, Bob MURRAY,  Chuck MURRAY



Robert Keith MURRAY AKA Robert MURRAY, Bob MURRAY, Chuck MURRAY Robert Keith MURRAY AKA Robert MURRAY, Bob MURRAY, Chuck MURRAY Robert Keith MURRAY AKA Robert MURRAY, Bob MURRAY, Chuck MURRAY Robert Keith MURRAY AKA Robert MURRAY, Bob MURRAY, Chuck MURRAY Robert Keith MURRAY  AKA  Robert MURRAY, Bob MURRAY,  Chuck MURRAY Robert Keith MURRAY   AKA  Robert MURRAY, Bob MURRAY,  Chuck MURRAY Robert Keith MURRAY  AKA  Robert MURRAY, Bob MURRAY,  Chuck MURRAY



Tributes flow in for Chuck Murray


Robert Keith MURRAY
The Hastings community will farewell Chuck Murray on March 9.


A seamless ability to switch from rugby league commentating to boxing in the blink of an eye is how long-time friend Peter Saville will remember Robert Keith Murray.

The man affectionately known as ‘Chuck’ passed away on February 25, following a sudden battle with bowel cancer.

Mr Saville reflected on his favourite moments as producer alongside Chuck, when they covered the Hastings League, spanning almost three decades.

“His ability to switch between rugby league and boxing commentary was probably one of his best assets,” Saville said.

It was in reference to a match many years ago which saw an all-in-brawl erupt following a send-off.

Saville and Chuck first met in 1993, when Chuck joined the radio station after moving from Sydney.

“I originally knew him as Robert when he first turned up and halfway through that year he decided to change his name to Bob,” he said.

“When that didn’t work he went back to his old police nickname which he got at a pub in Sydney. You can imagine why he was called Chuck if he got his nickname from a pub in Sydney.”

The 65-year-old was a common sight at various Hastings League grounds from South West Rocks to Smithtown over the years before his health deteriorated.

Whether it was Group 2, Group 3, Hastings League, motocross or even schoolboy rugby league, the commentary was of a high standard.

Robert Keith MURRAY

The Port Macquarie Sharks’ reserve grade team bus even performed a u-turn on the Pacific Highway barely 10 minutes into their trip home back in the early ’90s, after they turned the radio on and heard of their first grade team’s grand final comeback.

Chuck was always committed to the cause and always answered the call – especially when the radio station was in trouble in early 2000.

“You can imagine why he was called Chuck if he got his nickname from a pub in Sydney.”


Robert Keith MURRAY ( on left )

But Mr Saville will always fondly remember their regular climbs up onto the roof of Lank Bain Sporting Complex, even if it made those underneath nervous.

“Chuck was always wearing stubby shorts when he climbed up the ladder and God knows why,” he said.

“You’d be sitting in the stand and watch the roof bow as he walked across the gang plank and then sit and broadcast the game. Those were the days.”

Hastings League president Geoff Connor also paid tribute to Chuck and how he had helped promote rugby league over the years.

“He was good for people sitting at home who didn’t want to go because of wet weather or were too old or whatever,” he said.

“Chuck certainly promoted the game; he made himself a big part of the competition, but his biggest contribution was probably for people who moved away. They could still tune in and listen to their favourite team of a weekend.”

Clubs are encouraged to donate jumpers or shirts to go on the coffin during the service.

The jumpers can be dropped at Midcoast Funerals in Port Macquarie or Wauchope marked “attention Pieta Law” before Tuesday (March 8) mid-afternoon.

His funeral service will be held at the Anglican Church in Laurieton at 12.30pm on March 9.

The wake will follow at North Haven Bowling Club.

Tributes flow in for Chuck Murray | Camden Haven Courier | Laurieton, NSW


Robert Keith MURRAY – Funeral Service & comments



Canberra Times (ACT : 1926 – 1995),

Tuesday 12 April 1983, page 8


Man used gun to prevent arrest, court told

SYDNEY: Mr Luciano Santos., who is alleged to have escaped from Darlinghurst police station almost two months ago, had used a loaded pistol to prevent his arrest, Waverley Petty Sessions was told yesterday.

Mr Santos, 22, appeared before Mr Forbes, SM. handcuffed to two uniformed policemen. Other police guarded the exits.

Mr Santos, unemployed, of no fixed address, was charged with escaping from the station on February 17.

He also was charged with assaulting Constables Wayne Innes ( # 18948? ), Sidney Davis ( 19881? or 20580? ) and Robert Keith Murray in the execution of their duty, and with assaulting Constable Murray causing him actual bodily harm.

He also was charged with using a loaded firearm to avoid arrest, using a .38 calibre pistol and possessing a shortened firearm at Centennial Park on April 8.

Bail was not applied for.

When he escaped in February, Mr Santos was on remand on charges of armed robbery.

Mr Forbes adjourned the matters to April 28 for mention.


Canberra Times (ACT : 1926 – 1995),

Wednesday 10 August 1983, page 14

Detective injured during shoot-out

SYDNEY: A police sergeant told Balmain Court yesterday that he was hit in the head during a shoot-out with a man he described as “very dangerous”.

Detective Sergeant Graham Frazer ( # 9982 ), of the Armed Hold-up Squad, said the man, Mr Luciano Santos, had done “a couple of frightful things” and was serving a “very long term of imprisonment”.

Mr Santos is appearing before Mr Norton, SM, charged with shooting to avoid lawful apprehension at Centennial Park on April 8, using a .38 calibre revolver without a licence and possessing a shortened firearm.

He has not entered any pleas.

Sergeant Frazer said he and other detectives had been in the Centennial Park area on April 8 with the aim of recapturing Mr Santos.

About 9.30pm he was driving with two other detectives towards Cook Road, at Centennial Park, when he saw a large van which he had been told was carrying Mr Santos and another man, Mr Michael Johnson, who was now dead.

The van was being followed by a number of other police cars.

The van went through a red light and he saw Mr Santos, in the driver’s seat, pointing a handgun at police.

Sergeant Frazer said he was armed with a departmental-issue shotgun which he put out of the police car window and fired one shot at the van.

A detective in the back of the car he was in also fired a shot, but Mr Santos kept driving.

Sergeant Frazer said he fired another shot which shattered the window of the van and bought it to a halt.

“I immediately alighted and saw Mr Santos leaning from the window of the van holding a handgun,” he said. “I saw it was pointing at me.”

A shot was fired from the weapon. “I commenced to run towards the kerb. As I was running I was struck in the left side of the head by a projectile.

“The next thing I recall is being placed in the rear of my police car and later being taken to St Vincent’s Hospital by ambulance.”

At about 2am the next day he underwent surgery.

He told the court Mr Santos was wanted for what he would term “a very serious escape” from the cells at the District Court, Darlinghurst. He had escaped with a man named Mr Ian Steele.

The court was told Mr Steele was shot by police in Victoria on the same day Mr Santos was arrested.

Sergeant Frazer told the court that at the time of his escape Mr Santos had been serving sentences for kidnapping and armed hold-up.

He said police had been told that on April 8 Mr Santos and other people planned to hold up a TAB agency in the Redfern or Surry Hills area.

Before proceedings against Mr Santos began on Monday, the police prosecutor, Sergeant Mal Spence, told the court that much of the evidence would also be given at the inquest on a man named Mr Johnson, who was shot dead by police.


Canberra Times (ACT : 1926 – 1995),

Sunday 18 September 1983, page 3

Prison escape attempt thwarted


SYDNEY: Two prisoners had sawn through a steel bar and climbed down a ladder made of linen before prison officers prevented their escape at Sydney’s Long Bay jail yesterday, a NSW Corrective Services Commission spokesman said.

The prisoners, Mr Luciano Santos and Mr Cyril Gidley, were apprehended shortly after 4am.

Mr Santos is serving a 14-year sentence for armed robbery and Mr Gidley is serving a life sentence for murder.

Patrolling officers had seen Mr Santos before he reached the ground, and apprehended him as he hid behind a pile of bricks in the prison yard.

Mr Gidley was still in the cell when Mr Santos was caught.

The commission spokesman said the escape was never likely to succeed as the men had still to cross the main prison wall.


Nothing further, than what is recorded above, is known about this person at the time of publication and further information and photos would be appreciated.



1 April 2022



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