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Robert Lawrence SASAGI


Robert Lawrence SASAGI

AKA  Sausage
Late of  ?

New South Wales Police Force

Regd. #  30858

Rank: Probationary Constable – appointed 18 February 1996

Senior Constable

Stations?, Redfern – 7 Division ( 160297 – 100503 ), Wollongong – 82 Division ( 110503 to death ) was also ‘on loan’ to Lake Illawarra – 79 Division – Final Station – but still attached to Wollongong LAC

ServiceFrom  18 February 1996 to  10 June 2018 = 22+ years Service

Awards:   NSW Police Medal – granted 13 February 2007

Commendation for Brave Conduct – granted 25 August 2008

National Medal – granted 14 July 2014

National Police Service Medal – granted 26 October 2016

Born:   8 June 1965

Died on:   Sunday  10 June 2018

Age:  53 ( he stayed to celebrate his birthday with family )

Cause:   Cancer – stomach ( diagnosed in 2015 )

Event location:  Home – with family

Event date:  Sunday  10 June 2018

Funeral date:   Friday  15 June 2018 @ 11am  ( Full Police Funeral )

Funeral location:   The Salvation Army Hall, 13 Burelli St, Wollongong

Funeral Parlour:  Parson’s Funerals, Wollongong

Wake 1:  A small Wake will happen at the Hall after the funeral

Wake 2:  A Police Wake will happen at the Fraternity Hall, Princes Hwy, Fairy Meadow, from 1pm – food organised by Mr Craner, Commander, Wollongong LAC

Buried at:   ?TBA

 Memorial located at:   ?

Robert Lawrence SASAGI


[alert_blue]SAUSAGE is NOT mentioned on the Police Wall of Remembrance[/alert_blue] * NOT JOB RELATED




 Funeral location:






May they forever Rest In Peace


It was Rob’s wish to be at home and with his family.  It was also his wish to share this prepared post:
” The problem when suddenly faced with your own mortality is timing.  Initially, you think you have no time to do everything you planned to do with your life.
Then you think you have plenty of time.  Time to tell people the important things.  How much you love them.  How much they mean to you.
Now arrived the time when the newest scare returns.  It’s been a few weeks coming, but now I know it’s the real thing, the real McCoy.
It’s now not a matter of timing, I know there’s none left.
I won’t tell you not to be sad, because if it were any of you, I’d be sad.  just know that I’m at ease and have come to terms with it.
You just need to know, my life has been better for having you in it.  I draw great comfort from your friendship, your kindness, and your love.  Simply put, my life is better for having known you. “
Rob Sasagi.
Sausage was such a loved part of Illawarra Policing that when is plight became known, his Blue Family, blood family, his friends and businesses came out of the woodwork in March 2016 to raise much needed, and very much appreciated, funds which enabled Sausage and his family to fulfil their bucket list and spend that quality family time together in which to make life time memories for the family.
May Sausage forever Rest In eternal Peace.

Robert Lawrence SASAGI

Robert Lawrence SASAGI
2014 – Police Football


Robert Lawrence SASAGI


Robert Lawrence SASAGI


Robert Lawrence SASAGI
2015 – Sausages 50th birthday


Robert Lawrence SASAGI
2011 Mr. T


Robert Lawrence SASAGI
2008 – Joel, Sausage & Stacee


Robert Lawrence SASAGI & Lawrence Drury
2017 – Sausage & Lawrence Drury


Robert Lawrence SASAGI
Feb 2018


Robert Lawrence SASAGI

Robert Lawrence SASAGI
Feb 2018


Rob Sasagi




An insight of a man fighting Cancer

9 February 2018

This is Robs latest post ????????

Okey dokey, my long delayed update and promised anniversary summary.
Perusing my last update I mentioned upcoming surgery which took place near the end of November. Day surgery turned into major surgery and to say I was a little miffed when I woke up with tubes out of most orifices would be an understatement. It made for a miserable December, being for the most part bedridden.
Beginning of January signalled a slow turnaround of sorts. Things still aren’t great but there is some improvement.
In the immortal words of Tim Rogers, ‘I’m thinner than I should be’, tipping the scales at a whopping 70 kilos. I’m still vomiting although not on the previous scale. I’m limited on the volume of food my body will allow me to eat. The amount of muscle wastage still has me weak as a kitten but I’m better than I was.
In short, I’m slowly getting stronger. It’s a very long road but I’m ALIVE, a subject I’ll address in a moment.
Prior to my trip to New Zealand I had to obtain the all clear from my Oncologist which was timed with scans, being end of January.
Result of scans was again positive. Big boy is still unchanged and secondaries are either the same or have shrunk a bit.
In a nutshell, the Clinical trial is working a treat. What we need now is the rest of the body to play ball, but as the Oncologist said, with all that’s happened to it, it’s a wonder it functions at all. Like me, my body is too stupid to know when it’s beat. We’ll see.
Funnily enough surgery time coincided with the prognosis anniversary, 2 years since the news was broken to us.
I’m long since supposed to have left this mortal coil, so to say I’m pleased with myself would be another understatement. I’m not given to bouts of braggadocio but I will allow myself this one. Given what I’ve been forced to endure, especially this last 9 months a serious “Fuck you Cancer” is in order.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If not for my family and friends, I can honestly say I would have given up the ghost a long time ago.
I know you say I’m strong but there have been many many quiet moments when it’s all seemed hopeless. Sometimes it’s like I’m sending out a telepathic signal, because around that time someone wants to meet up and chat.
There are a lot of you, too numerous to mention but I feel I must at least name and shame my serial pests.
Shannon Arnold , Scott Nicholls , Dean Richens , you three in varying degrees have kept on me, drawing me away from all my vain attempts at self pity. I’ll have my revenge upon you, just you wait. One day you’ll want to feel sorry for yourself and I’ll be there to lift you up. Aaah, vengance be mine.
Mention must be made to NSW Police Force, Wollongong Local Area Command. The amount of care and compassion I’ve received has been completely humbling.
All staff at Wollongong, downstairs to upstairs have been nothing short of magnificent.
The admin staff have pretty much taken care of everything for me, nothing is too hard. Life is so much easier with my blue family in my corner.
Coming up. Well since I managed NZ my next target is Bali in March with serial pests Shannon Arnold , Stew Art , and Scott Nicholls. Should be a quiet one.
Next is Uluru in May. My crazy wife Kathryn Bailey is doing the Larapinta track walk for ‘Chris O’Brien Lifehouse ‘ which is 5 days. We’ll meet her up there and take her poor exhausted body back to Uluru and a bit of resort living for a few days.
Phew!! Still here.
So, here I am, over two years down the track. Still alive and kicking despite the best efforts of this miserable disease. I’ll admit it, there’s been very hard times, times which make you question everything and whether it’s worth it and times you’re ready to give up.
As they say in The Shawshank Redemption (mine and pretty much every mans favourite movie),
“Get busy living or get busy dying.”
I think I’m managing both quite well thank you very much.
Well, if you silly buggers are still here for the ride, then I may as well stick around for a bit longer.
Talk to you all later.

Rob Sasagi



Robert SASAGI Memorial Cup.  2019
Robert SASAGI Memorial Cup. 2019








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As you all should know, Rob passed away on Sunday and we are in the process of organising his Funeral.  Below is some background admin for your information.

There will be an Official Nemeses message sent soon.

For your information Mr Craner was able to organise a Promotion for Rob and that is why he is now a Senior Constable, which is a great result.  Rob will be in uniform.

This will be a full Police Funeral.  Dress for Police attending is Court uniform with Leather jacket, tie and Large Medals.  Commission officers are aware of their uniform.

Funeral for the Late Serving Officer – Senior Constable Robert Sasagi

11am, Friday 15th June 2018

The Salvation Army Hall,

13 Burelli St, Wollongong.


I need a minimum of 20 and no more 30 Uniform Police for Marching Escort Duties.  This is the Escort that marches in front of Rob when he is leaving the Salvation Army Hall in the Hearse.

Rehearsals are 9.30am to 9.50am at the Salvation Army Hall. If you wish to do this Duty, which is a very honourable duty can you please get back to me, by email, SMS me, or call me.

Bob Minns Ph. 0439070265



8.30am, Rehearsals for Pall Bearers

9.30am to 9.50am, Rehearsals for Marching Escort.  (Marching Escort contingent will be given time to make it back from the Hall to the Police Station to be involved in the large march done)

10am, Police in uniform meet at Wollongong Police Station.  (it would be great to have a minimum of 50 police marches please)

10.15amMarch from Wollongong Police Station, leaving from Court Lane, marching to the Salvation Army Hall. I will be guiding you to the Hall (We will be asking Mr Worboys & Mr Barrie to thank the marching Police)

10.25-30am, Police marchers arrive at Hall and may be met and thanked by a Family member for attending.  (Rob’s wife Kath really wants to see police marching down Burelli Street in respect of Rob)

10.30am, Rob will leave from Parsons Funeral Directors under VIP escort to the Hall

10.35-40am, Rob will arrive,

11am, all Family, friends, Police and Community inside the Hall. (500 seats available and room for 500 standing.)

11am, Police Pall Bearers will bring Rob into the Hall.

11am to 11.40-12md Service for the late Senior Constable Rob Sasagi.

12md Marching Escort move out of the Hall prior to the completion of service.

12md, Pall Bearers bring Rob out of the Hall.

12md All persons who want to be involved in the Guard of Honour are to leave the hall after Rob is taken out and set themselves up on both sides of the Road east of the Hall towards WIN Stadium.


At the completion of the Rob’s Funeral Service there will be a small ‘Wake’ at the Salvation Army Hall.

From 1pm,  the Police ‘Wake’ at the Fraternity Club, Princes Hwy, Fairy Meadow.  Food is being catered for by Wollongong PD and thanks to our Commander Mr Craner for organising this part.


The Pall Bearers (Carrying Rob’s Coffin) will be his good friends Scott Nicholls, Stewart Arnold, Dean Ritchie, Heath Rhind, Brett Sergeant, Martin Miller, Darren Martin and Haydon Govers.

Others roles are given to Jason Hogan, Shannon Arnold and Vicky Elliott and myself.


For your information Jason Hogan and Ben Buffett from PANSW visited Kath today and passed over the $100,000 Police Provident Fund money and the $15,000 PANSW Funeral assistance money.

Two PANSW Trust Funds have also been set up for Rob & Kath’s children, Grace and Elliott.


Firstly our Commander Mr Craner has organised Police from Lake & Far South Coast to help us with numbers so Wollongong Police who were on night work can now attend the Funeral.


Police who are working on the day (Friday day shift) and want to go to the Funeral or who are happy to stay at the Station and cover positions for those police who want to attend, please talk with Sergeant Scott Rickard who is supervising on the day shift.


We have a Traffic Plan in place and I thank Andrew Cotton and the Wollongong Council for doing this.


Due to time frames can you please pass this information on to other police who are in your group/team, send it out to police who no longer work here or who have left the “Job‘ put it on Face Book.  Tell family and friends. We need to get the information out please.


Please any questions call me.

All the best

Sgt Bob Minns


Tue 12 June 2018

via Cal





‘True gentleman’: Much-loved Wollongong cop Robert Sasagi dies

Robert Lawrence SASAGI

Police officer Robert Sasagi knew his time had run out. He’d had ups and downs during his three-year cancer battle, but this time it was the real thing, the “Real McCoy”.

He’d known it for a few weeks. He wrote it down in a post he asked his wife Kath to share once he had gone.

The much-loved Wollongong cop died on Sunday, but not before spending one last birthday on Friday with his wife and children. And not before his NSW Police Force colleagues showed one last sign of respect.

Wollongong commander Superintendent Chris Craner paid a personal visit to Constable Sasagi’s bedside in Austinmer on Friday to deliver news he had been promoted to senior constable.

Supt Craner said Rob was considered a “senior mentor for the troops”, had worked as a senior investigator and deserved the promotion.

The boss made a special application to NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller and had it approved post-haste.

”It’s an emotional time for his family and colleagues and it’s important that he was appropriately recognised,” Supt Craner told the Mercury.

Word of the senior constable’s death spread quickly, with tributes flowing from police and members of the broader community.

A keen footy player, the Wollongong Police Falcons said the world had lost one of its greats.

“He will be remembered as the true gentleman that he was and one of the toughest blokes I know to pull on a Falcons jersey,” the club said.

A career highlight was Rob’s 2014 commendation for brave conduct. Whilst off-duty, he witnessed a man clutch a bloodied arm on a passenger train. He disarmed the offender and detained her until on-duty police arrived.

According to his wife Kath, Rob wanted to spend his last days at home and she felt lucky his wish came true. She shared on Facebook the post he had prepared.

“The problem when suddenly faced with your own mortality is timing,” he wrote.

On the job:  Senior Constable Rob Sasagi during a major drug raid in December 2016. The popular police officer died on Sunday. Picture: Robert Peet

“Initially, you think you have no time to do everything you planned to do with your life. Then you think you have plenty of time. Time to tell people the important things … Now arrives the time when the newest scare returns.

“It’s not a matter of timing, I know there’s none left. I won’t tell you not to be sad, because if it were any of you, I’d be sad. Just know that I’m at ease and have come to terms with it.”


Constable Robert Sasagi was presented with a bravery award in 2005 after he disarmed a woman with a knife who had just stabbed someone on a train.

So sad RIP you died a hero to humanity. Janet Selby, Albion Park

Dear Rob. It saddens me to hear that you are no longer with us mate, but I am releaved that you are now at peace. I will miss our morning discussions about our belovered Parramatta Eels. In those famous Pellegrini words ‘usual coffee Rob’ I will endeavour to continue this legacy in your honour mate. Always remembered. Denis & Dave, (Bar Pellegrini) Keiraville

Our lives are so much enhanced having had you on that jouney as a workmate more importantly as a bloody great friend and human being. Sincere condolences to all your family. You were so brave, may you rest in eternal peace my friend. Paul Davidson Primbee

Thank you for all that you did for our region. My thoughts are with your loved ones. Mandy Mt Warrigal

Our Thoughts are with Robert and his Family. We are all proud and grateful for Roberts service in the force. May he rest in peace and watch over us in another life ❤ Alex Breslin, Coniston


You were a terrific mentor to the junior troops. RIP Good man. Vito Gaudiosi, Dapto

I remember when he got the bravery award in 2005. Well deserved, but that was Rob. Worked GDs with him a few times. Will be sadly missed Dave M, Figtree

A true gentleman and a genuine man. It was a pleasure to know you and work alongside you. You will be missed Sausage. Fly high xx Sharon Johnson, Nichols Hunter Valley

I didn’t know you but as a retired cop, I dip my hat to you…..RIP Spike McCallum, North Avoca Beach

Sad news. prayers to all family members. John Stephenson, Tarrawanna

Blessed are Gods children go in peace.He will always protect his family from cop Heaven Susan Caruana, Ipswich Queensland.

Oh Rob! Pete Theodore, Woonona

A brave protector gone to rest !! Sleep in peace in His arms and suffer no more Vincent de Vos, Oak Flats

RIP Rob. A great shamrock lost. A pleasure to have had u as mate Adam Potter, Shamrocks

A good man Norman, Woonona

Had the pleasure of working with Rob at Redfern many years ago always a bright light whatever shade the rest of the world seemed. Thanks Rob Barry Wright, Ulladulla

Hi Kathy…..very sorry indeed to hear of your loss Dic Morgan, Camden Town, London

So sad and so proud. Loved your family and loyal to your brother and sisters in arms. Uncle Fraser, Sue and Paris Perth, Western Australia

You were a top bloke and you will be missed. Rest easy mate Aiden, Dapto

RIP Robert xx Jo. Mahssen, Shell cove

Nephew you are now at the card table in the sky with our beloved aiga who have passed. Keep an eye on their sleight of hand eh? Alofa atu Aunty Tina Aunty Tina, Melbourne

Malo le tau. Malo le toa. Manuia lau malaga Robert. Alofa atu julienne and ted. Julienne Johnston, Hillsborough 

Deepest sympathy to your family. Thank you for all you did. Heather Tweedie, Coffs Harbour 

I understand the feeling which is close to my heart. Lovely too get to do these things. Thinking of you and your family. Maureen Stephenson, Woonona

Fate whispers to the Warrior, ” You can not withstand the Storm” The Warrior Whispers back I am The Storm; you will be sadly missed my cousin, but never forgotten, Arohanui. Ringo Rissetto,West Auckland, New Zealand

Alofa atu Rob, e manuia lou malaga Rest in Love Michael Mau’u, Glen Eden New Zealand

Rest in Peace and Love Cuz Robert. Timu. Auvaa .Tito, Blacktown

The world will be a quieter place without your smile, heart and friendship, you were a true Argonaut in my life thank you for your freindship. Doug Ringhoff, NSW

May you rest in peace my old Redfern mate. Loved your sense of humour & everything about you. Fly high my friend. Lesley Townsend, Redfern






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  • That is so beautiful of Rob to share his thoughts with all pleased he had the chance to do so love to his family and all that helped Kim Lincoln


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