Rodney John COULTER


Rodney John COULTER

New South Wales Police Force

Regd. # ?

Rank:  Detective Sergeant

Stations?, Granville Detectives, Parramatta – retirement

ServiceFrom  ? ? 1950’s   to  ? ? 1970’s = 21 – 23 years Service


Born:  Tuesday  28 February 1933 in Cessnock, NSW

Died on:  Saturday  7 May 2016

Cause:  Natural cause

Age:  83

Funeral date:  Monday  16 May 2016 @ 9am

Funeral location:  Rookwood cemetery crematorium west chapel

Buried at:  Cremated

 Memorial at?


[alert_yellow]ROD is NOT mentioned on the Police Wall of Remembrance[/alert_yellow]  *NEED MORE INFO






Rod had left Parramatta Police Station prior to 1973 and, after his Policing career, purchased a Hotel ( Pub ) in Glebe, NSW, somewhere.

May you forever Rest In Peace.


Funeral location

The Cumberland Argus ( Parramatta NSW )       Wednesday  30 March 1960      P 3

Midweek Roundup

BY ‘ Theo’

DETECTIVES Bob Shankleton and Rod Coulter, of Granville, are trying hard ” to catch up ” with a smash grab gang of jewellery thieves who are ” cleaning up ” big in their area.

Last week the thieves robbed a shop at Berala — 20 minutes later it was ” ditto ” to Goldman’s Store at Merrylands, then on to Westmead where jewellery was ” lifted ” from Kinsella’s shop. Although Bob and Rod ” missed out ” on a catch they recovered one portable radio taken from Goldman’s. It bounced out of the car the gang was using and was smashed on the roadway.



The Broadcaster ( Fairfield NSW )                 Tuesday  15 October 1963                   p 1


Beat flames with hands

Intensive police inquiries are being made into the cause of a blast which wrecked a Merrylands Road, milk bar and grocery shop, last week.

The line of their inquiries indicate that the blast could have been caused by malicious burning.

Parramatta detectives, who are in charge of inquiries will call in a special detail of the C.I.B. Arson Squad, if evidence now collected does not shed any light on the origin of the fire. The section of Merrylands Road where the shop is located was rocked by a loud explosion in the early hours of Tuesday morning, October 8. The explosion was followed by a cloud of smoke, and fire broke out shortly after. An early estimate set the damage of the explosion at £10,000.

Police said the fire was first discovered by a brother of the proprietor of the shop, Joseph Areana, who tried to beat out the flames with his bare hands.


He suffered severe burns to his hands and body as he tried vainly to save the shop from entire destruction. He was later admitted to Parramatta Hospital, where he was detained for treatment and observation. Detectives Coulter and Nolan, who are in charge of inquiries, this week said the cause of the explosion was not yet known. They said they had several avenues of investigation and would make a report to Police Headquarters within a few days. A senior detective said every care was being taken to preserve clues and valuable information had been collected for scientific examination.

(Continued on Page 11)

Picture above shows wreckage in the interior of the Merrylands store after the blast.

SHOP BLAST (Cont. from Page 1)

He said the force of the explosion had blasted the metal door of the shop more than 50 feet across Merrylands Road. The fire had engulfed the shop in a matter of minutes and had destroyed stock, furniture and fittings insured for more than £5.000.

Two adjoining shops, an optometrists’ and a cafe, were also damaged. Heat from the blaze distorted sections of a metal awning and melted a plastic neon sign. The business premises next to the blasted shop also suffered, due to the explosion.

It was reported today that at 8ft. intervals the walls show signs of serious cracking.

Experts believe that had the blast occurred during normal trading hours, loss of life would inevitably have resulted.



Rod Coulter had married in 1985 and, at that time, was no longer a member of NSW Police Force.

It is believed that he has left the Police Force in the late 1970’s.

Prior to leaving the Police Force, it is also believed that he had been shot during an arrest and had also been run over by the vehicle driven by the criminal.  Rod was in hospital for 3 weeks and received 27 sutures.

After leaving the Police, it is believed he bought a couple of Pubs and Bottle Shop around Sydney ( Glebe ) and Kempsey.




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