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Ronald Henry WORBOYS


Ronald Henry WORBOYS

Late of ?

New South Wales Police Force

Joined NSW Police via the NSW Police Cadets on 12 June 1933

Cadet # 0006

[alert_yellow]Regd. # 3863[/alert_yellow]

Rank:  Constable, Detective Constable, Detective Senior Constable

Stations?, Sydney, Gosford – Detective ( 1949 – 1952 ), Cootamundra ( 1952 – ? ), OIC of Major Crime Squad, South West, Flemington

ServiceFrom  12 June 1933  to  ? ? ? = ? years Service



Died on:  19 February 2008


Age:  92

Funeral date?

Funeral location?

Buried at?

Cadet # 6, Ronald Henry WORBOYS - 1933
Cadet # 6, Ronald Henry WORBOYS – 1933


[alert_yellow]RONALD is NOT mentioned on the Police Wall of Remembrance[/alert_yellow]  *NEED MORE INFO



 Funeral location:



I first published this Memorial on the 15 May 2013.  Revisiting it today ( 28 June 2018 ) sent me back to the NSW Police Cadet website and check out those NSW Police Cadets before him ( 1 – 5 ).

#1 was Leo Parmeter CARTER  –  Not in 1968 Stud Book

#2 was Athol MacKintosh McPHERSON  –  Not in 1968 Stud Book

#3 was Alexander McDONALD  –  Not in 1968 Stud Book

#4 was Norman Allan SOUTER  –  Not in 1968 Stud Book

#5 was Frederick William TERRY  –  Not in 1968 Stud Book


In the 1968 “Stud Book” there is no mention of those 5 Cadets.  All 6 of these above blokes, together with another 6 blokes ( below ), were the very first NSW Police Cadets in the newly formed system who all walked into the Police Academy on the 12 June 1933.

# 7 was Victor Thomas DAVIS  –  Not in 1968 Stud Book

# 8 was Herbert Frederick NORTH  –  Regd # 4104 ( Sgt 1/c in 1968 )

# 9 was Edgar John Franks FISHER  –  Not in 1968 Stud Book

# 10 was Robert Michael THOMAS  –  Regd # 4026 ( Sgt 1/c in 1968 )

# 11 was Allan Cameron NISBET  –  Regd # 3975 ( Sgt 1/c in 1968 )

# 12 was Edgar Russell William WILLIAMS  –  Regd # 3917 ( Sgt 1/c in 1968 )

As of this date, none of the above – other than Ron Worboys, has been listed as deceased and would now be in their 90’s.

Where are the very first Cadets of the NSW Police Force and what type of careers did they have?





The Gosford Times & Wyong District Advocate     Tuesday  20 February 1951    page 5 pf 8

Vagrancy Charge Dismissed

Mr T. P. Halpin, SM, at Gosford Court of Petty Sessions yesterday, dismissed a charge against Christopher Michael Casey, 20-year-old labourer, of Flinders Street, Coburg, Victoria, of having insufficient means of support.

Constable Ronald Worboys, of Gosford Police, said in evidence that he saw Casey at the Gosford Police Station on February 9 with Constable A. Handcock.

Casey had been brought to the station from Grahame Park, Gosford, where he had intended to spend the night.

He had spent the previous night on the road.

Constable Worboys said Casey told him he had come to Gosford to find work.

He had worked at Port Kembla and Yass for short periods this year but had left because work was too hard.

Casey had 2′ 5d in his possession when arrested.

He had previous convictions.


The Gosford Times & Wyong District Advocate     Tuesday  12 February 1952   page 1 pf 8

Charges Follow Finding Of Abandoned Car

Gosford police found a stolen car abandoned in Gosford on Sunday morning and subsequently passed information to Newcastle police which led to an arrest.

Detective R. Worboys and Constable J. Philpott found the car. which was stolen from Collaroy on Sunday night.

Residents of Hill Street advised Gosford police that they had seen two youths get out of the car on Sunday morning.

Detective Worboys and Constable Philpott learned at the Gosford Railway Station that two youths had boarded a north-bound train.

The police officers advised Newcastle police, who arrested two youths at Broadmeadow Railway Station.


The Gosford Times & Wyong District Advocate     Tuesday  11 March 1952  page 1 pf 8

Detective Transferred

Detective R. H. Worboys, of the Gosford police, has been notified of his transfer to Cootamundra, where he will be engaged on similar duties.

He expects to leave in two or three weeks. Detective Worboys has been at Gosford for about three years. Constable Cox, of Burwood, will succeed him at Gosford.



Cootamundra Herald     Friday  11 December 1953   page 2 of 4


Cootamundra police were called on yesterday morning to unravel a mystery find by employees of Holme’s Bakery.

Two of the employees, on their way to work at about 7am, found in the lane behind the bakery a man’s watch, hat, packet of cigarettes, tobacco pouch, pencil and a small purse, lying near a pool of blood.

Fearing foul play, they called the police, and Detective Senior Constable Worboys and Senior Constable Lynch were quickly on the scene.

After making exhaustive enquiries with Constable Hickson, the property was identified as belonging to a 46 year old man who said that he had been drunk the night before and must have fallen over and forgot to pick up his belongings.


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