Royston John McINTYRE

Royston John McINTYRE 

AKA Roy McINTYRE, Roy the boy   

Late of  ? 


“possible” relation in ‘the job’:    ?


NSW Police Training Centre – Redfern  –  Class #  04??  


New South Wales Police Force


Regd. #  8370


Rank: Commenced Training at Redfern Police Academy on Monday 30 April 1956 ( aged 24 years, 9 months, 21 days )

Probationary Constable- appointed ? ? ?

Constable – appointed ? ? ?

Constable 1st Class – appointed ? ? ? 

Detective – appointed ? ? ? ( NO )

Senior Constable – appointed 30 April 1967

Leading Senior Constable – appointed ? ? ? ( N/A )

Sergeant 3rd Class – appointed 15 August 1972

Sergeant 2nd Class – appointed ? ? ?

Sergeant 1st Class – appointed 26 March 1984


Final Rank: =  Sergeant 1st Class 


Stations?, South Coast District ( 1969 )( SenCon ), Moruya ( 1970s ), ?, Mudgee ( 1974 )( Sgt 3/c ), ?, Wollongong GDs ( 1980s ), Bega – Retired


Service: From 30 April 1956   to   ? ? ?  ? years Service


Retirement / Leaving age:?

Time in Retirement from Police?


Awards:  No Find on Australian Honours system


 Born: Thursday  9 July 1931

Died on:  Tuesday 6 December 2022 around 5.30pm

Age:  91 years, 4 months, 27 days

Organ Donor:  NO – Age prohibitive 


Cause:  Natural – Age

Event location:   Home – surrounded by family.

Event date: Tuesday 6 December 2022 during the afternoon


Funeral date:  Monday 12 December 2022 @ 1PM

Funeral location: Hansen and Cole, Northcliffe Dve, Kembla Grange, NSW

LIVE STREAM can be found HERE ( Expired )


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Wake location??? 

Wake date???

( Due to current Govt. restrictions on ‘Gatherings’ due to Corona19 Virus Pandemic, some families may wish to have a Memorial Service / Wake with friends and family at a later date )


Funeral Parlour: Hansen & Cole Funerals, Northcliffe Dve, Kembla Grange, NSW

Buried at:  Cremated.  Ashes to be scattered from the Point beyond where the Shellharbour boat ram where the surfers go.  One of Roy’s favourite fishing spots.


Memorial / Plaque / Monument located at?

Dedication date of Memorial / Plaque / Monument: Nil – at this time ( December 2022 )



  ROY is NOT mentioned on the Police Wall of Remembrance * NOT JOB RELATED





May they forever Rest In Peace




Australian Police YouTube Channel


Condolences to Roy’s wife, Betty, and their six daughters – Ellen, Alison, Jean, Susan, Megan and Roslyn.

Roy was a bloody lovely bloke and I remember his fondly as one of my Sergeants at Wollongong GDs back in the early 1980s.




Dave Routledge with Roy McIntyre 2021


Jean Mc

Sergeant Roy McIntyre has left us

My Dad Royston John McIntyre left us yesterday afternoon at 5:30pm.
Mum Betty and all his six daughters Ellen, Alison, Jean, Susan, Megan and Roslyn were with him, and his son-in-law Malcolm.
We had told him Lell was coming home from overseas and Susan would arrive yesterday morning from Gove. He smiled and said “All our daughters will be with us”. He waited for that.
We watched him and held him as he took his last breath, and we saw the colour drain from his face. It was momentary and very peaceful.
We sat with him for a few hours, drank champagne and shared our most vivid memories of him. Together we cried and laughed – the McIntyre way – and enjoyed being a family with him once again.
We observed as the palliative care nurse examined and declared him ( deceased ) then the funeral home people wrapped him up and solemnly took him away.
I like to believe he’s now with his mum Sadie, his beloved sister Heather, his two sons-in-law John Nash and John Tomashek and all his friends who have gone before him. At 91 he was the last one.
He asked for a Police funeral, to be cremated and his ashes spread from the point beyond the Shellharbour boat ramp where the surfers go. A favourite fishing spot.
We don’t have a date yet for the funeral because it depends on the police.
If you wish to attend Dad’s funeral, please personal message or phone one of us for the details.
Rest now peacefully our beautiful Dad – everybody’s favourite. We will always adore you.



Canberra Times (ACT : 1926 – 1995),

Wednesday 31 August 1966, page 10

Assault on Collector policeman alleged

GOULBURN, Tuesday. — A Queanbeyan man was committed in Goulburn this morning for trial on a charge of having assaulted a policeman.

James Pantos, 26, was charged with having assaulted Constable Roy McIntyre at Collector on May 29 this year.

Mr J. Mullins, for Pantos, said evidence by three witnesses and by Const. McIntyre was “confusing and conflicting”.

Mr R. J. Wingett, SM. said, however, that a prima facie case had been established.

Mr Wingett also committed Roger Vern Hancock, of Queanbeyan, on a charge of having obstructed the law.

Mr B. Gallen, for Hancock, said he had no part in the alleged assault on Const. McIntyre.

Mr Wingett committed him on the charge of having aided the alleged attackers to escape.

He set the date for the trial on both men for September 12 and allowed $200 bail for each man.



Nothing further, than what is recorded above, is known about this person at the time of publication and further information and photos would be appreciated.



11 December 2022