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Master Licence


Any business that engages in security activities must hold a Master Licence.

  • Master Licences cannot be transferred.

To qualify for a Master Licence you must:

  • Hold membership of an approved Industry Organization. The Security Industry Registry maintains a current list of all approved Organizations. (See ‘Frequently Asked Questions’).
  • Satisfy stringent integrity requirements in relation to the nominated licence holder and close associates of the business. (See: ‘Refusal and Revocation of Licences’).
  • Declare details of close associates who have a financial or other interest in your business.

Close Associates:

A Close Associate is a person who:

  • Holds or will hold any relevant financial interest in the business (ie. any share in the capital or any entitlement to receive income from the business).
  • Currently is, or will be entitled to exercise any relevant power in the business (ie. exercising any managerial influence in the running of the business).
    *Advice in relation to the scope of this requirement may be obtained by contacting the Security Industry Registry.

To apply for a Master Licence you must:

  • Obtain and complete an ‘Application for a Master Licence’ (P602 form). Applications are available from the Security Industry Registry or the Police Force web site.
  • Provide a copy of the Certificate of Registration of a Business (unless you are a Sole Trader and do not trade under a business name).
  • Provide proof of current membership of an approved Industry Organization.
  • Provide particulars of close associates.
  • Include payment of the full licence fee either by cheque, money order or credit card (Bankcard, Visa or MasterCard).
  • Post the application to the Security Industry Registry. (NB. The Registry does not have counter facilities. All applications must be sent by mail. Faxed or e-mail applications will not be accepted).

2 thoughts on “Master Licence

  • Hi guys, just a few questions on my NSW security master licence (sole trader).
    If I take on a small one man /guard job at very small licenced venue, what will be my legal requirements be to do this job. I already have current –
    Master licence,
    ABN number,
    SecurIty Cert- I, II,III
    First Aid cert,
    Full Insurance cover.

    I do know I will need to have copies of some or all of the above Certs and placed in full view behind bar area in which I have done in past events.
    The bar is a upper class venue with no incidents recorded at all and only is restricted to 90 patrons inside at anytime. Do my above qualifications and experience cover me legally to perform my duties at this venue if questioned and queried by Licencing Officer’s as a sole trader.

    Peter Baker

    • Hi Peter,
      You are best to attend your local Police Station and direct your questions there.



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