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Selwyn SMITH


Selwyn SMITH – Doctor

AKA Sel  

Late of 


NSW Psychiatrist


A true “mate” to New South Wales Police Force members


Rank: Psychiatrist


Service: From ? ? 1942 to ? ? 2022 = ? years Service


Retirement / Leaving age: = December 2021

Time in Retirement: 1+ month


Awards:  No find on Australian Honours system


 Born? ? 1942

Died on:  Tuesday 18 January 2022 during the early a.m. in his sleep

Age:  80 years 

Selwyn SMITH

Cause:  Cancer – Melanoma

Event location:  Home – with family by his side during the early a.m.

Event date:  Diagnosed in October 2021


Funeral date:  Friday 21 January 2022 @ 11am – 1pm

Funeral location:  South chapel, Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park, 12 Military Rd, Matraville, NSW 


any Future Wake location:  ??? TBA 

any Future Wake date??? TBA


Funeral Parlour: Life Rites Funerals, 118 Durham St, Sydney, NSW  0421 200250 

Buried at: Cremated

Selwyn SMITH

Memorial / Plaque / Monument located at: ?

Dedication date of Memorial / Plaque / Monument: Nil – at this time ( January 2022 )






May they forever Rest In Peace 

Australian Police YouTube Channel 


I have never met Selwyn Smith BUT I have, for over twenty years, been seeing one of his colleagues in the field of psychiatry.

I have never heard a bad word about Selwyn and if he is anything like the bloke I have been seeing for twenty years, Selwyn’s is a man to be honoured and respected for the way in which he cared for, and looked after – not only damaged police but all First Responders.

You received your Cancer diagnoses only in October 2021 and eventually had to rest up because of fatigue in November 2021.

You worked tirelessly to ensure that your patients were looked after and, on behalf of all First Responders ( ESPECIALLY the Members of NSWPF, I express my personal and sincere thanks to you and your family for the time that you gave all of my fellow work mates ( whether I knew them or not ) in your efforts to help, and save, them from the demons of PTSD / PTSI.

Your family and friends need to know that you were regarded as a bloody good mate to so many Police, and other First Responders, who were suffering PTSD / PTSI and you managed to pull a lot of them out of that dark pit that they were in for so many years.

Rest In Peace Selwyn.  Your Duty is now done.



Greg Callander
NSWPF # 17463

20 January 2022


Selwyn SMITH, Doctor Selwyn SMITH, Dtr Selwyn SMITH


Very sad news from the St John Of God with the passing of Dr Selwyn Smith.
Although Selwyn was not a police officer or a first responder, he ( as a psychiatrist ) understood the plight that most first responders suffered with their mental ( and physical ) health and the many, unfounded and unnecessary, hoops that insurance companies make us jump through.
He was a very thoughtful man and an outstanding health care professional with the St John of God Hospital PTSD programs and his many, many patients.
Dr Smith understood emergency services and mental injuries and advocated for us when it felt like no one else did.
He was a brilliant psychiatrist and held in the highest esteem amongst his clients and his peers.
Dr Smith had literally only just retired before last Christmas ( 2021 ) due to his terminal illness ( cancer ) and our thoughts are with his family, friends, colleagues and the countless people he has saved and helped throughout the years.
Rest In Peace.


some of the Comments from various Policing Facebook Groups & pages:

He helped me to turn around from a very broken ambo with work induced PTSI and the St John of God program was a BIG part of that. With his support to try to return to operational duties, I did another 8 years full-time and now 3 years part time. If others had their way, I would have got the boot. Selwyn went to bat for me after listening to me.
I wish he had longer in retirement after helping so many of us.


I found out yesterday it’s a sad loss , he was a great doctor for people with ptsd and would fight with the insurance companies to make sure we got the right treatment we need


I’m struggling to find a replacement too. Can some inbox me some suggestions.
Also devastating news today of his passing on Monday.
I guess he didn’t leave us because he wanted to..  he truly worked with all of us till the very end.


I’m sad to hear that Dr Selwyn-Smith passed away today. Those who know of his work as Psychiatrist will really feel this. I have a heavy heart! His work at St John of God was invaluable.


Best wishes Selwyn. You shared my contempt for heartless management practices and you greatly helped me along with countless others. Stay strong.


Selwyn’s office are in the process of sending out letters to his patients. I spoke to them two days ago and my January appointment was cancelled. Retired immediately due to serious health issue. I’ve been told he is completing all outstanding reports.


Sad news he was a man that cared about his patients and took on NSW Police Department for many of us. He became a friend and helped me through some dark times. RIP Selwyn


Selwyn SMITH


RIP Doc you helped so many of us in our time of need you will be always be remembered by us. God Bless R.I.P


Sad news he was a man that cared about his patients and took on NSW Police Department for many of us. He became a friend and helped me through some dark times. RIP Selwyn




 20 January 2022



Charles Field-Marsham
19 hours ago
What a great life of a remarkable man! Strong and grounded family; a career that added great value to the world and a positive and loving friend. Truly inspirational and a model for us all.
I am grateful to have met him and shared a few “GREAT” meals with him and the family.
I cant believe he was 80, I thought he was in his early 70’s!!
Leon and Melissa
2 days ago
Dr Selwyn Smith how can we ever repay you for how you have helped us over so many years.
The only way is to remember you and tell everyone who will listen about you.
Rest in peace our friend from sunny Queensland, always in our hearts.
Bronwyn Croft
2 days ago
Dr Smith helped so many Police that struggled with ptsd. I am so grateful of his unwavering support that has enabled me to be the best mum I can be for our 3 children and still be proud of my 30 year service to the NSW Police Force.
I am grateful for his amazing skill’s with helping his patients recover and I always left his room knowing that I had his support which helped my recovery immensely.
Mark Eady
2 days ago
Thank you Selwyn. You made a difference to so many lives.
Your compassion, understanding, humility, and authenticity are some of my lingering memories. So glad we got to cross paths and I am forever in your debt for your support and advice during one of the most challenging times in my life.
My sincere condolences to your family.
They must be so proud of a life well lived.
Sophie Hartley
2 days ago
Thank you for your kindness and compassion and being a pillar of strength for many who reached out for you.
You have been a true advocate for many Police and their families.
May you Rest In Peace.
Anna Nikolis
2 days ago
Gone too soon and so suddenly, we are all saddened and heartbroken by your death. What will we do now without you?
Your smile, care and compassion is what got us through the hardest times.
Thank you Dr Selwyn Smith for being like a father and a guardian angel to me since 2007, you saved my life and I am forever grateful for everything you have done. You were one in a billion.
Anyone who had the opportunity to meet you was lucky and each one of us are still here because of you.
You truly cared about everyone and helped so many people in their darkest of times. You will forever be in my heart, thoughts and prayers.
My family and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Our deepest sympathy to your family and loved ones.
Thank you all for allowing us to share in the celebration of Dr Selwyns life. 
Goodbye to a remarkable man beyond words.
You will be terribly missed and remembered with great respect and gratitude.
RIP my best friend, mentor and doctor ????
Harry Stengos
2 days ago
You will forever be held in the highest regard for your compassion and caring.
The definition of a gentleman and a saviour to so many.
May you Rest In Peace and may God bring comfort to your family.
Garry K
2 days ago
It is with sad hearts that we all say good bye to an amazing man who helped so many people in their darkest of times. I only knew you for a short time, but you gave me hope when I thought there was non.
My deepest sympathy to your to you wife and family.
2 days ago
You were a godsend to so many psychologically injured NSW Police. Thank you for helping so many of us so much and being in our corner.
You will be terribly missed.
David Hooper
2 days ago
Selwyn, you have saved my life and showed me the utmost care and compassion. My family & I thank you from all our hearts.
You are still the most professional and caring person I have known & I thank you again for your professional care and advice.
I am surviving because of you.
My thoughts & prayers are with your family.
RIP Dr Smith!
Sharon Lee Twiss
2 days ago
Thank you Dr Selwyn Smith for being a lighthouse in the darkness.
My deepest sympathies to your wife May, your family, friends, colleagues and all your patients who were blessed to have you in their corner.
You will remembered with great respect and gratitude.
RIP ????
Diane Birch
2 days ago
Sad news.  Still can’t believe it. Such a witty sense of humour. I loved our chats. Your memory was extraordinary. I was privileged to know you. I will be forever grateful for the support you provided me over many years.
You will be sadly missed by so many. You were one of a kind. Such a remarkable human being beyond words.
Darryl L
2 days ago
Thank you Dr Smith for caring for me for 25 years. A very compassionate man who helped so many others as well.
You will be missed greatly.
Paul Daley
2 days ago
You referred to yourself as “The General” and would say ‘My job is to do the fighting, yours is to get well.’ And he did.
I am only here today because you gave me and countless others discarded by the police system the ability and willingness to live and fight on.
Thank you does not even scratch the surface of the debt of gratitude so many owe you.
To Mrs Smith and family, deepest condolences and thank you all for allowing us to peek behind the curtain and share in the celebration of Selwyns life.
2 days ago
May you forever Rest In Peace Dr Smith. A true gentleman.
Condolences to your family, friends and loved ones during this very difficult time.
You have truly touched the lives of so many.
It’s your time to rest easy.
Jim Short
2 days ago
Dearest Selwyn, I came to you broken and in darkness, you helped show me the way through. Your smile and easy manner, and reassurance ‘I’ve got your back Jim’ helped me stay the course.
The world seems to be a slightly smaller less lit place with your passing.
From my family to yours, thank you for caring, thank you for being in my corner,
Christine McGuire
2 days ago
Selwyn…what a truly amazing man you were! Thank you for the kindness, support and optimism you had towards all the Police you helped on our journeys.
You will never be forgotten.
Patricia Rinaldo
2 days ago
Dearest May, Ben, Michelle I am so sad.
Cannot believe that Sel Is gone.
We loved Him so much and the Family.
Sel was an Icon and will never forget Him.
Please know I am there with You in my heart.
One of My (Our) True Friends in Life Fondly, Pat Fondly,
2 days ago
Dr Smith, what a remarkable human.
He has touched and changed the lives of so many. He will be missed.
I fell fortunate to have met him and thank you for all you did for me and everyone that had crossed your path.
A wonderful man, compassionate, empathetic, professional and funny.
You made me laugh when I didn’t think it could be possible.
Thank you.
Condolences to your friends and family.
Amy and Stephen Tsang
2 days ago
????????rest in peace, Selwyn
We miss you
Natalie M
2 days ago
Dr Smith thank you so much for your passion and service to the whole community.
You were truly an amazing man.
Love and strength to your family.
You will be greatly missed.
Rest in peace Selwyn
Helen Weston
2 days ago
Thank you Selwyn.
Thank you for putting me back together, for caring and supporting me.
Your kindness will never be forgotten.
Peter Gould
2 days ago
A wonderful man who has helped and saved so many injured police officers.
My deepfelt condolences to family and loved ones.
Rest in Peace Selwyn.
3 days ago
Rest easy Dr Smith, thank you for saving my life, and thank you for all helping so many of my friends.
You were a great man.
3 days ago
A very very sad loss. A true gentleman who had a genuine care for others.
The Colonel saved me and several others.
Rest in Peace.
Thank you for your legacy.
My condolences and prayers to the precious family.
TJ Parker
3 days ago
Small in stature, huge in heart. A giant in his field.
A huge loss for his family and so many in the triple 0 and military services. I am forever grateful for his warm smile and expertise.
From my family to yours Selwyn,
Rest in Peace.
You’ll never be forgotten.
Christine Noel Faught
3 days ago
Deepest sympathies, Michelle, and to all of your family.
Your Dad is always smiling in my memories – you are in my thoughts, and I’m so sorry for such a great loss.
With love always.
Vanya MacRAILD
3 days ago
Our dearest Selwyn, hearing of your illness and your sudden passing has left me and so very many people with the heart that is hurting beyond words. You are an amazing man who dedicated so many many years to helping so many people. I know all of us in the emergency services and correctives have been helped by you immensely and that will never be forgotten. The best thing I ever did was take the words of a very close friend of mine who was treated by yourself was to go and see yourself and Fotoula. I cherish the words you said to me and they were, “I will fix you“. I will continue to carry those words with me everyday. You bought me so far in the two years I had been seeing you, you lit up my life each time I came to see you as I knew I was in good hands and you lived by those words you said to me.
Like so many people we will all miss you terribly and we can not thank you for all you have done for so many.
Love to you, your precious family and friends.
3 days ago
When Selwyn tells you; “I got ya back.” He really meant it.
The struggle by many first responders to find a way forward through life in the aftermath of multiple trauma was made so much easier by him punching on with “The System” to make sure you were covered.
A giant of a man who will be sorely missed.
RIP mate
Deb T
3 days ago
Dr Smith, thank you for everything you did to get me through. You fought the battle for me many times and “had my back”.
You are a gentleman and an angel xx
Darryl Hahn
3 days ago
Doc. Thanks for putting me back together, like you did for many police men and woman over the years.
It was an absolute privilege having you as my doctor and confidant. You gave me the comfort and light in a very dark time, and I will be forever grateful to you.
Much love and strength to your family at this time xxx
Warmest regards Darryl.
3 days ago
Dr Smith thank you for your compassion and kindness that you showed me, you believed me when others failed me. You brought me out of the darkness into the light and gave me hope. You will be missed.
Sandra Bullock
3 days ago
Thank you Dr Smith for the help and guidance you gave to our son. We will be forever grateful.
Arna Meyer
3 days ago
Tuning in from America.
Dr Selwyn was a phenomenal support to me and my family and I’m saddened to learn about his death.
He was a compassionate doctor who will be sorely missed.
My deepest condolences to his family and all those he left behind.
The world is a better place for the work he performed and his legacy will live on in all of us who are alive today because of his intervention.
Kurt Gacki
3 days ago
Without Smithy I wouldn’t be here today, it’s as simple as that.
Great Dr and even better human.
I painting an Aboriginal dot art for him in which he has in his office.
Please pass that onto his family from me.
Paul Begbie
3 days ago
You were the saviour in my life and bought me back from the darkest place. You gave me and so many others hope, care and love. I will be forever in your debt. “ Don’t worry, we’ve got your back” will always be in my mind.
May you Rest In Peace beautiful man.
Thank you.
Teresa Zappia
3 days ago
Thank you to a wonderful man who always made me feel believed.
I am but one of your patients. Oh, how you will be missed.
Much love to all your family.
Effie Jordan
3 days ago
Forever grateful Thank you Dr Smith, an absolute angel on earth, now an angel in heaven.
Forever in our hearts ❤️
Melanie Gavan
3 days ago
Dr Smith – I’ll never forget what you did for me or countless other people in saving our lives. I’ll never forget you sitting there saying, “Don’t worry, we’ll get you there.” I’ll never forget the change of tone in your voice when having to deal with the dreaded insurance company.
Forever in your debt.
3 days ago
Rest In Peace. You helped so many. A truly great man.
Fadia Saker
3 days ago
Dr Smith 🙁 I only had the pleasure of knowing you for a short time. ( Thanks to my Sister she said if anyone can Help it would be You .)
You are a Kind soul and Caring Doctor You cared for those who needed you most. You helped in every way that you could .
Rest in Peace you will be missed in your passing and you were appreciated in your Life
Lisa McGuinness
3 days ago
Words can not express the thankfulness and love we have for Dr Smith, without you and your dedication I would not have a Partner, my Son would not exist, It pains us greatly that we have lost such a great man.
For your 22yrs of unconditional Love and support, thank you!
Danielle Thorp
3 days ago
You saved my life.
Thank you and may you Rest In Peace.
To your family, thank you for allowing this gifted man to help us. The best words I ever heard from Selwyn was, “I’m your nominated treating doctor now. I’ve got you. Let me deal with everything. You just take time for yourself!
Sorely missed but never forgotten.
Ben O’B
3 days ago
Selwyn, legend does not even begin to describe you.
I sit here with a heavy heart, you were the only person that was able to get me through the hardest times of my life and the one who protected me in battles I could not fight alone.
Not only a fantastic doctor but a friend and protector.
Karol Bottle
3 days ago
What a caring and compassionate man who helped so many of us in our darkest times.
Blessings and love to your family and staff at this very sad time.
RIP Dr Smith.
3 days ago
Dr Smith, I only had the pleasure of knowing you for a short time. You are a true gentleman. You cared for those who needed you most. You helped those who helped others and then unfortunately couldn’t help no longer.
Thank you
Dan C
3 days ago
Rest in peace Dr Smith.
You changed my life, and helped me immensely.
3 days ago
I’m not normally one for words, thank you, you helped a lot of people.
Godspeed Doc.
Rob S
3 days ago
Words don’t begin to express the gratitude for how you changed my life.
A caring, compassionate and skilled physician who always greeted me as an old mate.
You will be dearly missed.
Rest In Peace Dr Smith
Anna G
3 days ago
Dr Smith you always greeted me as a friend with that cheeky smile and helped guide me through tough situations.
You truly are brilliant and amazing. I am lost of words as it is unfair that you left too soon. It truly is heart breaking and my sincere condolences to your family, loved ones and friends.
I am forever grateful for what you have done for me and my family.
Kathy Bassett
3 days ago
Dr Smith you were my confidant, rock and the only person I felt like I could trust.
Thank you from my the depths of my heart I am a greater person for having you in my corner.
There are no words adequate to describe the man that you were to countless people.
You are a man to be honoured for the way you cared about not only police but all 1st responders.
You were there for us as we had to jump through the many hoops from the insurance companies and the NSWP forever indebted to you Dr Smith you will be missed by many but what a legacy you have left us all.
A very sad day for many and condolences to our wonderful Dr Smiths family-
Sandi Cook
3 days ago
Deepest condolences to May, Ben, Michelle and your families, Selwyn was such a wonderful and large part of our lives when you all lived in Ottawa- a hugely talented, caring friend and smiling soul ! XO
Sandi and Eddy
William Shenkman
3 days ago
Squire, you were one of a kind.
So many wonderful memories.
To May, Ben, Michelle and family thank you for sharing him with us.
That smile and laughter will be with us forever.
Love Bill and Maureen
Anna Nikolis
3 days ago
Dr Smith was one in a billion. He saved my life and was like a guardian angel to me.
Most compassionate and caring doctor, he always had a smile for everyone and genuinely cared for his patients. He said he wasn’t going to retire on us anytime soon and he didn’t..working till the end and caring for his patients ???? Sadly, he didn’t even get to enjoy his retirement.
I was devastated to hear of his sudden medical retirement, however hearing about his passing just broke my heart ????
My condolences to the family and all of his patients.
He will be missed and it is truly a huge loss to all of us as he is irreplaceable.
May he rest in peace and God grant him a place in heaven, because he deserves his place amongst the angels ????
Goodbye Dr Smith, you will never be forgotten and I’m eternally grateful for everything you have done for me and my family ????????
Greg Callander
3 days ago
May Doctor Selwyn SMITH – ( NSW Psychiatrist and Mate to many NSW Police ) Forever Rest In Peace.
Thank you for the help you have offered so many damaged police for well over 20 years.
Michael Cowpland
4 days ago
We loved Selwyn – always jolly & great fun all the time.
We had lots of fun playing tennis & at Ballroom dance classes with May & Selwyn – we got booted for too much laughter! Lol






12 thoughts on “Selwyn SMITH

  • Anne and Don

    I have to agree with Anna – Dr. Selwyn Smith was one in a billion! He helped our family through a very difficult and traumatic time. He always knew what to do and would unfailingly stand up for us. We always felt that he had our backs. Each time we saw him we were always greeted with a cheery, ‘Sit ya down, sit ya down’. At the end of our time there was always something funny to laugh at, a gentle pat on the back or handshake, and always had words of encouragement. He truly was a very exceptional human being. Our deepest sympathies go out to his family.

    You are deeply missed Selwyn!

  • I met Dr Selwyn SMITH once for my initial appointment. I was not aware of his passing until I attended the Adult Trauma course for first responders. I was a Military Policeman in my former career.
    I now work in Corrections, so am not classed as a first responder.
    Unless you consider responding to hangings, stabbings, assaults (All types), rapes, riots, deaths, fires, hostage situations, barricaded cells-units-wings, escapes, Drug interdiction’s.

    But I wholeheartedly agree with the other comments. He Understood Trauma and Moral Trauma.

    I was gutted when I heard from the other members of the course. I was then furious at the staff for not letting me know.
    I now have another brilliant Psychiatrist from SJOG.

    I think of him still and may he rest in peace.

  • Craig ALLCHIN

    All though you are not with us here. Your are in my mind , thoughts and feelings you are I say are as you in my mind at all different times in my life and always will mate.

  • Devastation is the only word that I can use to describe the loss of such a great man.

    Selwyn helped me through my PTSD treatment and as all who knew would say “He was a great mate”

    RIP Selwyn and thank you for all of the expertise and kindness that you bestowed on me.

    Graham Hunt NSWP #38283

  • Edward Swat

    Devastated to hear this sad news. I will treasure the time I had with him and can’t imagine the loss his family and friends must be experiencing. Reading these posts confirms my impression of Dr Smith as an insightful, kind and compassionate human. The world needs more people like him. Rest in peace good man.

  • Michelle Carlon

    Selwyn went above and beyond for me. He even called me from home to help me when he was battling his own battles. I can honestly say if it wasn’t for him I’m not sure I could have survived PTSD. I wish I got to tell you how much you helped me and I am honoured to be one of your last patients. I will never forget our last giggle “Michelle, you are saner than me”. I am forever greatful. Rest In Peace

  • Dr Smith , what a remarkable man you were. When I first met you I was scared and broken as a person ill never forget what you said to me when I walked out after I told you my story “don’t worry my friend I will look after you ” and you know what he did. What an extraordinary man with compassion who just knew how broken we really were. The day I found you had passed away I was shattered and still am because I don’t think there will ever be another man like you . THANK YOU from the bottom of my broken heart for supporting me during the darkest days I’ve endured. Rest In Peace ????

  • Dr Smith was a true advocate for peoples mental health, and a true hero who didn’t need to wear a uniform. He will be forever remembered for his spirit, compassion, big smile, and advocacy and his light will always shine bright. One thing stands true no one will ever forget Dr Smith he was so well liked and respected. RIP Dr Smith god bless

  • Dr Smith “Doc” – Thank you for everything. Your support, care, kindness and compassion has made such an enormous and positive difference to the lives of so many. You provided hope when it was needed most. Your incredible humour and wit will always be remembered when I think of you. A true gentleman and an incredible human being. I am so saddened and I miss you already!. My deepest condolences to your family.
    RIP Doc.

  • God Bless you Dr Smith. You have helped me with the NSWP and being in some dark places. You alway had my back, treated me for many years. Dr Smith will always be my friend. Condolences to your wife and family.

  • Thanks cal. Selwyn made me feel like I was a human being. He was so passionate and showed empathy whilst knowing he had a terminal illness
    says a lot of the man. Rip my friend, you will always be in my heart. Condolences to his wife and family, may he Rest In Peace


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