Senior Constable DUNDAS

Senior Constable DUNDAS

Exposure / Pneumonia,


2 April, 1886


The Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal of 8 April, 1886 reported the death of constable Dundas. Nothing further is known of this incident, nor the constable’s full name.


DEATH OF SENIOR CONSTABLE DUNDAS:  On Friday morning Senior Constable Dundas, of Timberabongie, died in the Dubbo Hospital. He was suffering from inflammation of the lungs. The seeds of the disease were sown when he was camped out, looking after the prisoners who shot [Constable] Mitchell in the Coonamble gaol. He then contracted a severe cold and a few weeks back when collecting the Electoral Roll, he caught a fresh cold; it settled on his lungs, eventually developing into pneumonia, from which Dundas died. He leaves a widow and eight children. A meeting was held at Narromine on Friday evening, and it was determined to start a subscription in aid of the family and at the same time to represent the case as one worthy the attention of the Government. It was contended that Dundas died in harness, and hence his family should be looked after. £20 was subscribed at the meeting.


At the time of his death the constable was stationed at Timberabongie, where he had been since at least 1882.