Senior Constable J. MORRISON

Senior Constable J. MORRISON

New South Wales Police Force – Serving – 18 years

Senior Constable

Illness – Suicide

40 years


19 January, 1898

Little is known of the death of Constable Morrison other than the following brief newspaper extracts. The Dubbo Liberal and Macquarie Advocate of 22 January, 1898 printed the following.



A wire from Deniliquin dated Wednesday says, “A telegram was received today announcing the suicide of Senior Constable Morrison, of Moama. The Small Debts Court was being held when the news was received by Mr. N. C. O’Neill, P.M., and he immediately adjourned the case on account of having to proceed to Moama to conduct an inquest. The news caused quite a sensation locally, as Morrison, who was previously lockup keeper at Deniliquin, was always regarded as a zealous officer. No cause is assigned for the deed.


The Camperdown Chronicle of 22 January, 1898 also reported on the death, as follows.



At halfpast 11 on Wednesday morning a report reached Echuca that Senior Constable Morrison, in charge of the Moama police station, had shot himself. Dr. Eakins was quickly on the spot, but pronounced life to be extinct. Deceased was highly esteemed in the police department, having been 18 years in the force. He was 40 years of age, and had been stationed at Moama for seven years. He leaves a wife and family of eight children, the eldest being 14 years of age. Deceased was on duty in the morning and appeared to be in good spirits until informed of the terrible accident which had befallen Mr. Miller, manager of the Bank of New South Wales, when he seemed greatly depressed. He, however, spoke to his wife, appeared rational, and started doing his office work. Suddenly his wife heard the report of firearms, and rushing in found her husband lying on the floor, with his rifle beside him. The bullet had gone into the mouth and blown the top of the head off.


At the time of his death the constable was aged about 40 years and is thought to have joined the New South Wales Police Force about 1880. He was stationed at Moama.

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