Sergeant 2nd Class William Smith McKIE

Arrest Injuries

8 July, 1966

Sergeant Bill McKie ( 1966 )

Sergeant Bill McKie ( 1966 )

On the night of 5 September, 1964 Sergeant McKie attended a store in Main Road, Boolaroo where it had been reported an alarm was ringing. The sergeant entered the store with the manager and after turning on the lights they saw two offenders who had broken in. One of the offenders approached the sergeant who then prevented his escape. The man resisted violently, punching and kicking Sergeant McKie until he was subdued and handcuffed. Following the assault the sergeant’s health deteriorated and he was discharged on 30 July, 1965. He died the following year.


The sergeant was born in 1916 and joined the New South Wales Police Force on 7 May, 1938. At the time of his injury he was stationed at Cardiff.


National Police Remembrance Day ceremony in Lake Macquarie