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Sergeant John McGUFFIE


Sergeant John McGUFFIE

New South Wales Police

Horse Accident


30 January, 1897


The sergeant died on 30 January, 1897 as a result of being thrown from his horse on 2 January, 1897. It is not known whether this incident was an on-duty death or not. The Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal of 1 February, 1897 briefly described the incident.


A POLICE SERGEANT KILLED. ” A wire from Adelong says: Sergeant M’Guffie, who had been in charge of the police station here for the past twelve months, died early on Saturday morning from the effects of being thrown from his horse whilst returning from the racecourse on the 2nd instant.


At the time of his death the sergeant was stationed at Adelong, where he had been for some years. In 1896 he had replaced Sergeant Thomas Cassin (who had passed away) as the Officer-in-Charge and Gold Receiver.


Yesterday I dropped in on Sergeant John McGuffie at Adelong. Anyone who has missed his grave could be excused because the headstone has been collapsed for some time face down on the grave. To say I was a bit cranky was an understatement at the state of this grave.
Anyway, I have turned the headstone over and lets hope that the LAC will now jump in and carry out some repairs. Here are some photos and the
GPS co-ordinates are 35 18 45S/148 03 08E
Page 76 in Beyond Courage.





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