Graeme Andrew ADAMS

Graeme Andrew ADAMS

Late of Leichardt, NSW

New South Wales Police Force

Redfern Police Academy Class 206

Regd. #  21746

Rank:  Commenced Training at Redfern Police Academy on Monday 24 September 1984 ( aged 21 years, 7 months, 14 days )

Probationary Constable – appointed 7 December 1984 ( aged 21 years, 9 months, 27 days )

Constable – appointed 8 December 1985


Final Rank = ?


Stations?, Prosecutors – Resigned


ServiceFrom  ? ? pre December 1984?  to  ? ? 1991 7 years Service


Awards:  No find on It’s An Honour


Born:   Sunday 10 February 1963

Disappeared:   Tuesday 6 June 2000

Body recovered:   Wednesday 12 July 2000

Died on:  6 ( Wednesday )  or 7 ( Thursday ) June 2000

Age:  37 years, 3 months, 28 days

Cause:   Murdered – shot

Event location:  Hawkesbury River near Dangar Island

Event date:  6 ( Wednesday )  or 7 ( Thursday ) June 2000


Funeral date:   ? ? ?

Funeral location:   ?


Funeral Parlour:  ?


Buried at:   ?

 Memorial located at:   ?



GRAEME is NOT mentioned on the Police Wall of Remembrance * NOT JOB RELATED





May they forever Rest In Peace

 Strike Force Sari headed up the investigation into this murder.

Class 206A
Class 206A


AAP General News (Australia)
NSW: Man charged with murder of former police officer.

A court’s been told a former Sydney policeman whose body was found dumped in a river was killed to stop him earning a share of a lucrative Olympic-related security contract.

GRAEME ADAMS’ business partner, 29-year-old SIMON CHRISTOPHER CROWTHER-WILKINSON, was charged with his murder this morning.

According to police facts tendered to Manly Court, Mr ADAMS was a silent stakeholder in CROWTHER-WILKINSON’S firm Excell Security Pty Ltd.

The company had recently won a $1.6 million contract to supply staff to security giant and Olympic sub-contractor Chubb Security Australia.

But police allege that rather than share the proceeds, CROWTHER-WILKINSON and another associate shot and killed Mr ADAMS, wrapped him in chains and dumped him in the Hawkesbury River, north of Sydney, on June 6 or 7.

The accused man has been refused bail and will appear in Central Local Court on September 6.



NSW: Ex policeman murdered over Oly security contract, court told

By John Kidman, Crime Reporter

SYDNEY, Aug 30 AAP – A former Sydney policeman whose chained body was found dumped in a river had been shot in cold blood over a lucrative Olympic-related security contract,
a court was told today.

Detectives allege the two men charged with the slaying stood to gain his share of a $1.6 million personnel deal struck with industry giant and Olympic sub-contractor Chubb Security Australia.

The killing had “all the hallmarks of an execution-style murder”, according to a statement of police facts tendered in Sydney’s Manly Local Court.

“There is evidence of premeditated and deliberate planning well prior to the event,” the document read.

Mr Adams’ business partner, Simon Crowther-Wilkinson and another of his associates, private security agent James Cowie, were arrested by strike force police early today following a high-profile investigation.

Mr Adams, a one-time police prosecutor who left the force to start his own company nine years ago, was pulled out of the Hawkesbury River off Dangar Island, to Sydney’s
north, by a local fisherman on July 12.

An autopsy revealed he had been shot in the back of the head from close range.

He was also wrapped in a 135 kilogram length of chain.

It was initially believed Mr Adams had last been seen alive by Crowther-Wilkinson at 10pm on June 6 after they dined at Antos Pizzeria and Pasta in suburban Chatswood.

However, it is now alleged that the version of events was a smokescreen to divert suspicion.

According to receipt records, the accused man bought cigarettes and drinks at a Chatswood service station at 9.25pm the same night.

Neither the owner nor staff of the pizza parlour were able to place the men at the eatery, police allege.

According to the fact sheet, mobile phone checks also revealed both Crowther-Wilkinson and Cowie made or received calls near Dangar island on the night of the murder.

Crowther-Wilkinson denied ever having been to the area or having access to or owning a boat, it said.

Despite this, detectives alleged evidence would show he was in possession of an aluminium runabout at the time of the homicide.

It was also claimed Crowther-Wilkinson bought 15m of chain and a number of metal clamps like those found on Mr Adams’ body at a Brookvale hardware shop a week before the murder.

“Direct lies and inconsistencies exist in the versions of (both) Wilkinson and Cowie,”the facts stated.

Mr Adams had been a silent 51 per cent partner in Excell Security with Crowther-Wilkinson until his death but took little part in the company’s day-to-day business.

In the weeks before his death, he allegedly tried to gain financial records which showed he may not have been receiving his due profit share.

Police allege he expressed concerns over the matter to his accountant.

By contrast, Crowther-Wilkinson is said to have told an Excell employee that “he did not want to give up any profits made through his Olympic contract”.

Both accused men were today refused bail and will appear in Central Local Court next month.



Victim feared colleagues, court told

By Malcolm Brown
May 10 2002


A week before his disappearance in 2000, murder victim Graeme Adams told his accountant he was afraid of former associates in the security company Blue Falcon Agency and thought he was being followed, the Supreme Court heard yesterday.

Accountant Eric de Haarte said Mr Adams had formed another company, Excell Security, after leaving Blue Falcon and had told him he had ”sort of tricked” Blue Falcon by taking their database of contacts for security guards.

Mr Adams had expressed apprehension about two principals in Blue Falcon, Peter Murrant ( # 22195 ) and Andrew King.

Mr Murrant, who had been a serving police officer at the time he was a principal of Blue Falcon, had been investigated by the Police Integrity Commission and had later been convicted of a criminal offence and sentenced to periodic detention.

”He told me he thought his former partners [Mr Murrant and Mr King] considered him a snitch,” Mr de Haarte said.

Mr Adams disappeared on June 6, 2000. His body was recovered, weighed down by chains, in the Hawkesbury River near Dangar Island on July 12 that year.

A partner of Mr Adams in Excell Security, Simon Christopher Crowther-Wilkinson (referred to in court as Wilkinson), was later charged with Mr Adams‘s murder. Wilkinson is now on trial before Justice Virginia Bell.

Questioned by Paul Byrne, SC, for Wilkinson, Mr de Haarte said Mr Adams had indicated that he wanted his involvement in Excell Security to be kept ”more or less secret” so that he was ”essentially invisible”.

Mr Adams had a 51 per cent shareholding in Excell Security but Wilkinson, with 49 per cent, did the day-to-day work.

Janelle Johnson, a girlfriend of Mr Adams at the time of his disappearance, said in evidence that according to what Mr Adams had told her, Blue Falcon went broke in June 1999 and Mr Adams himself was in debt as a result. He had blamed Mr Murrant and Mr King for ”taking money on the side”.

Ms Johnson said that four or five weeks before he disappeared, Mr Adams had made no attempt to discover the financial position of Excell Security though he had concerns about it.

The trial resumes today.



Regina v Simon Crowther-Wilkinson

On 28 March 2003 the appellant, Simon Crowther-Wilkinson, was sentenced to imprisonment for 20 years with a non-parole period of 15 years for murder. His co-accused, James Cowie was found not guilty. He appeals against this conviction but not against the sentence.

The appellant had been a silent partner in a partnership with the deceased in a security company, Excell Security Pty Limited (“Excell”). The deceased’s body was found floating in the Hawkesbury River wrapped in plastic, metal 3/8 inch steel galvanised chains and 12 mm D-shackles. The Crown case was that he had been shot once in the back of the head, consistent with a .22 calibre bullet having been fired by either the appellant or James Cowie, with the other present and assisting or encouraging the killer. The deceased’s body had then been transported to the Hawkesbury River and dumped from a small aluminium boat.



SIMON CHRISTOPHER CROWTHER-WILKINSON was Sentenced to 20 years gaol – non parole of 15 years. Co-accused, James COWIE, was found not guilty.
He Appealed to the Court of Criminal Appeal, which was Heard  on 12 July 2004, and that Appeal was dismissed.

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