Terence Peter RIGBY 03 – NSWPF – Died 22 Aug 2020

Peter MacRae AutoSgpousontgseit 26 nat rniol1m0r:23omSult umedPlMho I worked with Terry on 24/1 Ford F100 Truck, in the 1970's. One of the best partners I had, 'A gentleman & a Scholar of life'. He always wanted to work with me since I once, continually, threw a 6ft 4in Russian back into the 'Dock', during his charging, everytime he stepped out of the dock. A fellow NSW Police cyclist, whom I first met in 1967, when we were patrolling the streets of Paddington,re illegal Parking and other offences during the Royal Easter Show... Terry introduced me to 'MUM"..a "Well to do" elderly lady that lived opposite Centennial Park, in a Mansion, and just loved to entertain young leather clad, NSW Police cyclists. 'Mum', had an ongoing, all day, lunch, in her backyard, for all Police cyclists, so that she catered for all 'Meal Breaks'............ God Bless you 'Mum" for your kindness, and revealing to us the joys of 1930's hospitality...! Praying for you Terry..and when you arrive in the Promised land please pray for me..Love you, Mate... Below is a Pic Of Terry Rigby with Dana Jennings 2008 at Bulli Pass Lookout..!

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