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Thomas Shanahan


Thomas Shanahan


Late of The Glebe  


NSW Goulburn Police Academy / Police Training Centre – Redfern  / Police Training College – Penrith / Belmore Barracks  Class #  ? ? ? 



New South Wales Police Force


Regd. # 2210  


Service:  From 25th October 1872 to   ? ? ? ? years Service 


Rank:  Commenced Training at / as ? Police Academy Police Cadet on ? ? ?

Supernumerary Constable- appointed 25th October 1872

Constable – appointed ? ? ?

Constable 1st Class – appointed 1st March 1875 (demoted) the promoted on the 1st July 1876  


Final Rank = Constable 1st Class


Stations: Sydney City


Retirement / Leaving age: = 32

Time in Retirement from Police: ?


Awards:  National Medal – granted ? ? ?

1st Clasp to National Medal – granted ? ? ?

2nd Clasp to National Medal – granted ? ? ?


 Born:  15 May 1844

Died on: 11 November 1876 ? ? ?

Age: 32

Cause: Protracted Illness

Event location: The Glebe

Event date: 11 November 1876


Funeral date? ? ?

Funeral location:  Rookwood Catholic Cemeteries and Cremaoria 

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any Future Wake location:

any Future Wake date

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Funeral Parlour: ?

Buried at: Rookwood Catholic Cemeteries and Cremaoria M2 sect 13 LEW Plot 554


Memorial / Plaque / Monument located at: ?

Dedication date of Memorial / Plaque / Monument: Nil – at this time ( July 2021 )



? is NOT mentioned on the Police Wall of Remembrance

? is NOT mentioned on the Police Wall of Remembrance

? is NOT mentioned on the Police Wall of Remembrance * NOT JOB RELATED





May they forever Rest In Peace 

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Thomas Shanahan was born on the 14th May 1844 in Askeaton, Limerick, Ireland. He left Ireland for Australia in 1866. He sailed on the ship British Lion and arrived in Adelaide. Two of his brothers had already settled in Adelaide.

He married Bridget Teresa Murphy in 1870 in Adelaide. They had five children together.

He was sworn in as a Supernumerary Constable of the NSW Police Force on the 25th October  1872. He was promoted to Constable 1st Class on the 1st March 1875. He was demoted to Ordinary Constable on the 8th September 1875 and promoted to Constable 1st Class on the 1st July 1876. He was attached to the City Police.

Constable Shanahan suffered from a protracted illness and died on the 11th November 1876 at The Glebe. He was buried in the Rookwood Catholic Cemeteries and Crematoria.  M2 sect 13 LEW Plot 554

He died leaving a wife and five children, three of whom were under two years of age, two being twins.

His family were not entitled to a large sum out of the Police fund as he had not been long in the force. The Sub-Inspectors of the four metropolitan divisions Messrs Rush, Anderson, Waters and Johnstone undertook a subscription among their men (with only a few subscriptions from citizens) and reached a total of nearly £40. His widow received a gratuity of £42 and £7 funeral expensed from the Police Force.

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