Traffic Penalties

Traffic / Liquor Offences & Penalty Section

The following links will take you to a page containing a ‘drop down menu’. Just select from the menu the offence you wish to find information about and click on the offence in the Menu. The information displayed will be the Penalty in dollars, the Points lost from your licence and the Regulation Code the Offence.

Traffic Infringements No.1 Left/right turn at intersections, U-Turns, Signals, Traffic Lights, Give Way
Traffic Infringements No.2 Exceed Speed Class A Vehicle, Roundabouts, Overtaking, Lanes, Merging, Edge Lines, Riding Motor Cycles/Bicycles abreast, Overhead Controls on Marked Lanes, Dedicated Lanes, Trams/Safety Zones, Median Strip Parking Areas
Traffic Infringements No.3 Flashing Yellow Lights, Twin Red Lights, Stop, Give way Signs/Lines, Unmarked Intersections, T-Intersections, Unmarked Road Related Area/Adjacent Land
Traffic Infringements No.4 Give way – trams/buses/police/emergency vehicles, Crossings & Shared Zones, Give way – Miscellaneous, Traffic Signs & Road Markings, Level Crossings, Obstruction, Keeping Left
Traffic Infringements No.5 Vehicle Security, Lights, Horns/Warning Devices, Warning Triangles, Pedestrians, Wheeled Devices/Toys, Bicycles
Traffic Infringements No.6 Seat Belts, Safety, Motor Cycles, Passenger Interference/Obstruction, T & B Lights, Crashes – Duties Of Driver, Paths/Strips/Islands, Towing, Noise/Smoke, Reversing, View & Control, Mobile Phones/TV/VDU, Animals, Directions
Traffic Infringements No.7
Road Transport (Vehicle Registration ) ACT 1997, Motor Accidents Compensation ACT 1999, Motor Vehicles Taxation ACT, Road Transport (Safety & Traffic Management) (Road Rules) Regulation 1999, General, Bicycles, Unregistered & Uninsured
Liquor Act No.147 Of 1982 Licensee/Employee/Authorised Person, Hotelier, Person, Adult, Servant/Person in charge/Agent/other, Minor, Street Drinking, Summary Offences Act, Police & Public Safety
Registered Clubs Act No.31 Of 1976 Club, Secretary, Club/Secretary, Secretary/Employee, Person, Club/Secretary/Person, Minor
Demerit Point Offences List of all offences resulting in loss of Demerit Points
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