Trooper William HOLOHAN


Trooper William HOLOHAN



10 February, 1856


The trooper was drowned while on duty and attempting to cross the Winburndale Creek, Winburndale (north-east of Bathurst). Details of the incident are as yet unknown, however the Sydney Morning Herald of Friday 14 August, 1857 carried details of the Police Reward Fund expenditure for that period and listed a payment to “Widow Holohan, residing in Kilkenny, Ireland, in consideration of the services of her late son, who belonged to the Gold Police of this colony, and was drowned whilst on duty: £100.”


The listing of a gratuity payment of one hundred pounds is evidence of the fact that the trooper indeed drowned on duty. He is sometimes recorded as Houlahan or Hoolahan.


At the time of his death the trooper was attached to the Gold Escort, probably at Bathurst.

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