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Volunteers in Policing

The aim of the Volunteer Police is to perform a range of Voluntary tasks,
that are not competitive with existing Police Force Roles.

Community Based Policing is the New South Wales Police Force principal operational strategy. It is primarily concerned with the prevention of crime and social disorder through the combined efforts of the Police and the community working together.

The fundamental aspects of the strategy is to provide a professional policing service which utilises the available resources of the community through an effective communication network of Co-operation and trust.

The strategies of the ‘Volunteers in Policing’ program are to involve the community as a whole, working with Police towards a common goal.

The program is open to all persons satisfying the criteria. Whether you are a professional or non-professional, employed or unemployed, applications are sought from all sections of the community.

Where authorised, and appropriately qualified, assist Police:

  • In support of victims and carry out supportive visits where practicable.
  • In Community Liaison, Consultative Committees, Neighbourhood Watch, Business Watch and other programs on behalf of local Police.
  • To report progress to and liaise with complainants and victims in criminal matters.
  • Where accepted by victim/complainant or informant, to interpret in initial attendance and/or follow up contact.
  • In language communication in initial contact with members of the public.
  • With property/victims at disaster scenes.
  • In prisoner welfare and custodial visits.
  • Facilitate attendance of witnesses at Court.
  • Adhere to Patrol Anti-corruption plan.
  • Perform other related duties as directed by the Patrol Commander or delegated Representative.

Entry Criteria

You must be an Australian Citizen or have Permanent Resident status and:-

  • Be a mature individual, 18 years of age or above,
  • Must have credibility within the community,
  • Be prepared to travel to the New South Wales Police Academy, Goulburn, or other nominated place for residential compulsory training lectures when required,
  • Must undergo a Police records check, including fingerprint check,
  • Undertake to perform defined hours of service,
  • Possess satisfactory communication skills (Bilingual skills would be an advantage),
  • Enjoy reasonably good health (not discounting physical disabilities or impairments),
  • Must have a good liaison within the Community.
  • You may have additional special skills, qualifications or qualities that may be an asset. For example, educational, cultural or practical experience.


An initial interview with the Volunteer Centre of New South Wales will take place and, if suitable, you will later be interviewed by members of the Police Force. If successful, you may be selected to commence in the program.


Volunteers are required to complete a ‘Volunteers in Policing Education Program’. The training is conducted on a weekend at the New South Wales Police Academy, Goulburn and you will be required to attend on 2 occasions over a 2 month period. Transport to the Police Academy will be provided).

The first weekend instructional period will be followed by approximately 2 month field experience at the Police Patrol. You will then return to the Academy for a second weekend instructional period. Upon graduation, you will receive an accreditation certificate. It is anticipated that you will perform your role at a Patrol for a minimum of 16 hours per fortnight in order to adequately complete your training.

General Information

Volunteers act under the control and supervision of Police at all times and must sign a Force Agreement binding them to a number of conditions relating to conduct and confidentiality. An initial commitment of 1 year is sought, performing the role with a maximum of 16 hours per week and minimum of 16 hours per month.

Volunteers are not uniformed and do not carry weapons. They will be identifiable by a gold, slip-on vest, with the word ‘VOLUNTEER’ clearly marked across the back. A name tag is worn on the right side of the chest.

There is no monetary nor material reward beyond substantial personal satisfaction in the job you are doing. You should have a commitment to assisting your local Police in service to the community, with a desire to improving life in your community for family and friends.

Further information can be obtained by contacting:-

NSW Police Force
Volunteers in Policing Section
(02) 9285 3212

Volunteer Centre of NSW
(02) 9231 4000

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