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William Andrew SHUTE


Where are they now ?

William Andrew SHUTE

New South Wales Police Force

Redfern Police Academy Class # 086A

Regd. #  9886


Rank:   Commenced Training at Redfern Police Academy on Monday 27 February 1961 ( aged 19 years, 4 months, 2 days )

Probationary Constable – appointed Monday  27 March 1961 ( aged 19 years, 5 months, 2 days )

Constable – appointed ? ? ?

Constable 1st Class – appointed 27 February 1967 ( North East District )

Senior Constable – appointed 27 February 1971

Sergeant 3rd Class – appointed 1 May 1977 ( 1979 Stud Book )

Does NOT appear in the 1985 Stud Book


Final Rank:  ?


Stations: ?, North East District )( 1968 ), ?


Service: From Monday 27 February 1961  to  Sunday 11 July 1982  = 21 years, 4 months, 14 days Service


Awards:  National Medal – granted 6 November 1980 ( Sgt )

Queen’s Commendation for Brave Conduct ( Imperial ) – granted 6 December 1968 – apprehended an armed offender ( Cst 1/c )


Born: known – 1941 ( 79 old – 2021 )



Last heard of:  February 2023

Where are you now ?



1968 – 1969

Parliament of NSW

Report of the Police Department




The facts, briefly, associated with acts of bravery performed by Police during the year 1967 are as set out hereunder.

10.  On 14th June, 1967, at North Richmond, Constable 1st Class William Andrew Shute, whilst seated in a Departmental motor car, was confronted by a man whom he had followed.

The man held a loaded sawn-off rifle at the Constable’s head. Whilst this was happening the Constable endeavoured to draw his pistol. The man directed the Constable to surrender his pistol. The Constable refused and removed the ignition keys from the Police car. He then alighted from the car and when he did so the man shot him on a number of occasions in the leg.

The man was later arrested and charged with maliciously wounding the Constable and other offences.

annual_report_archive_1967-1 – document.pdf






One thought on “William Andrew SHUTE

  • Sgt Bill Shuts was the traffic sgt at Hornsby when I was a cadet and later a P/Constable. I recall that he had a driver training business in retirement. Nice fella.


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