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Security Industry Registry – Frequently asked Questions


Can a person under 18 years be granted a Security Licence?

You may undertake training through a Registered Training Organization if you have not been convicted of a disqualifying offence, however you will not be issued with a security licence until you are 18 years of age.

How do I find a Security Industry trainer who has been authorised by the Commissioner? How do I know if they have been authorised?

Only Registered Training Organizations approved by the Commissioner may provide training for licensing purposes. As with most businesses, they can be located in the classifieds of local and major newspapers, or in the Yellow Pages under Security Training Services. The Registered Training Organization’s Master Licence number must be displayed in any advertisement.

Where can I pick up an application form for a new licence?

Application forms for licences are available from the Security Industry Registry or you can access and download the relevant forms from this site. If you are a current licence holder, you will be sent a form in the post approximately eight to ten weeks prior to the expiry of your current licence.

I want to talk to someone personally about my application. Where do I go?

For the convenience of applicants, the Registry has provided the 1300 362 001 number for phone inquiries and 1300 362 066 for fax requirements. In addition, e-mail facilities are also available. It should be noted that the Registry does not provide counter services. Applications and payments will only be accepted by post.

Where can I get any of the other forms that I might need for changes etc. to my licence?

Contact should be made with the Security Industry Registry where arrangements will be made for the correct form to be sent to you
What is the term of my licence?

Class 1 and Class 2 licences are available for a one or five-year period, unless suspended or revoked in the meantime. Master licences are issued for a period of five years.

Do I have to supply references when I submit my application? What information is needed?

Yes. All applicants for Class 1 and 2 licences are required to provide two written references. The references should confirm that you have been known to the referee and must state that you are of proper and fit character to work within the security industry. These references must be sent with the completed application form.
How much money do I send with my application?

The full licence fee is to be sent to the Security Industry Registry together with your completed application form. (Refer to “Schedule of Fees’)

What happens if I send my application form without all of the relevant information?

Incomplete applications will not be accepted and will be returned to you. The Registry will not commence to process your application until it is completed and accompanied by the correct fee. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have provided all necessary information set out in the checklist of your application form. You should note that you are not permitted to work in the industry until you have obtained your photo licence

How long after I send in my application will I get my licence?

If you have correctly completed your application form and there is no criminal history recorded against you, you can expect to receive your “Photograph Advice” within 20 working days. If there is a requirement for further investigation, delays may be experienced.

Must I wear my Photo Licence?

Yes. The photo licence must be worn and clearly visible at all times when carrying on a security activity unless a written exemption has been granted the Commissioner. If you are performing general guarding (1A) or crowd control duties (1C), any exemption will require that an alternative form of photo licence be worn. Applications for exemptions will only be considered from Master Licence holder.

What happens if I lose my photo licence?

If you have lost your licence you should report the loss immediately to the Police Assistance Line (PAL), phone number 131444 and obtain the Event (reference) number. As you are unable to work without displaying your licence, you should contact the Registry to discuss arrangements for the replacement of your licence.

How do I alter the personal details shown on my photo licence? Is there any charge for this?

You must complete and send a “Change of Details” form together with your payment of $30, to the Security Industry Registry. A ‘Photograph Advice’ will be sent to you which should be taken to the RTA to obtain a new licence.

I currently hold a Class 1 licence, how can I apply for a Class 2 licence as well?

If you wish to apply for another class of licence, you may do so by completing an application form and send it together with proof of all the required qualifications and the $80 processing fee to the Registry. Arrangements will then be made for a ‘Photograph Advice’ to be sent to you.

How do I add another category to my licence?

You are required to write to the Registry, clearly setting out the category you wish to add and include your current licence details. Your letter should be accompanied by a fee of $50. A ‘Photograph Advice’ will be sent to you to take to the RTA.

I have had my 5 year licence for 6 months but I do not wish to work in the Security Industry again. Am I entitled to a refund?


I need to carry a handgun for my employment. Where can I get further information about this?

Any questions in relation to licensing and the use of firearms, batons or handcuffs must be directed to the Firearms Registry, phone number 1300 362 562.

I hold a Master Licence. How do I upgrade it if I wish to employ extra staff?

A fresh application for a Master Licence, accompanied by details of business registration, any additional close associates and the appropriate licence fee, must be sent to and approved by the Security Industry Registry.

If I hold a Master Licence for my business, do I require Class 1 or 2 licences to carry out security activities?

Yes. A Master Licence is for the business only and allows you to provide persons to carry out security activities. If you are a Sole Trader (ie. you do not employ staff) you must hold both a Master Licence and the appropriate individual licence/s.

As a Master Licence holder, what Approved Industry Organization should I belong to?

Membership of an approved Organization is a condition of your licence but there are some organizations that may not accept you for membership, eg. The Master Locksmiths Association and the Locksmiths Guild may only provide membership to locksmiths; The Australian Hotels Association will only grant membership if you own a hotel; The Australian Retailers Association, if you are a retailer. Other associations may provide membership for a broader area, including all of the above. You should ensure that whatever organization you join will provide you with the services you need to run your business professionally and in accordance with the “Security Industry Code of Practice”

The approved associations are:

  • Australian Building Services Association Ltd (ABSA)
    Telephone No. (02) 9437 4411
  • Australian Hotels Association (AHA)
    Telephone No. (02) 9281 6922
  • Australian Retailers Association NSW (ARA)
    Telephone No. (02) 9290 7115
  • Australian Security Industry Association Ltd. (ASIAL)
    Telephone No. (02) 9906 4780
  • Institute of Security Executives (ISE)
    Telephone No. (02) 9832 3823
  • Locksmiths Guild of Australia Inc. NSW (LGA)
    Telephone No. (02) 4684 1999
  • Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia Ltd. (MLAA)
    Telephone No. 1800 810 698
  • National Electrical Contractors Association NSW Chapter (NECA)
    Telephone No. (02) 9744 1099
  • Motor Traders Association of New South Wales (MTA)
    Telephone No. (02) 9213 4202

I have recently moved, how do I inform you of my change of address?

The Security Industry Registry must be notified of your new address within 14 days of moving. Your new address details will only be accepted in writing. You can either send the address and telephone particulars by post, send a fax to the Registry on 1300 362 066 or submit the information through the Police Force web site.

What will happen to my licence fee if I withdraw my application?

The Security Industry Registry will retain $50.00 for administration fees and the remainder of the licence fee will be refunded, provided that your application is withdrawn prior to the photograph licence being issued.

I have a security licence in another state of Australia. Do I need a licence in New South Wales?

Yes. If you have a licence in another state or New Zealand, you may be eligible to apply for a licence in New South Wales under ‘Mutual Recognition’ laws. For further information, you should contact the Registry.

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