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UWS has a long-standing reputation in the delivery of professionally relevant courses in the area of criminology and justice studies.
Our courses are underpinned by our strengths in the social sciences, including sociology, psychology and social policy. This approach will equip you with the critical thinking skills, while at the same time allowing you to tailor your studies around vocational goals.

There is emerging recognition by police and by the community that contemporary policing is a vocational and professional field in its own right. Our accredited Policing program reflects the trends in modern policing by incorporating subjects in strategic and applied policing and policing practice with related studies from the behavioural sciences, the humanities, the human services, law and the social sciences.

Eighteen probationary constables recently graduated with a Bachelor of Policing from the University of Western Sydney.
The graduates completed two and a half years of study at the university’s Milperra campus before entering the Police College to gain the necessary practical and operational policing training.

An integral component of the degree has been the involvement of former and current serving officers as lecturers and tutors. Their experience and knowledge is imparted and combined with more academic analysis of issues directly relevant to policing activities.
The number of students enrolled in the degree has steadily increased since 1999 to 70 in the year 2002. Another 70 will commence the course this year (2003).

This small group of recently attested probationary constables were the first to complete the degree.


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