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Police Star honours fallen and seriously injured

Release date: Thu 29 September 2005

Last updated: Fri 30 September 2005

Victoria Police star medal

Victoria Police is pleased to introduce the Victoria Police Star, a medal to recognise Victoria Police employees killed or seriously injured as a result of their association with Victoria Police; or an operational incident who may be ineligible for the Valour Award.

The inaugural Victoria Police Star presentation will take place during today’s National Police Remembrance Day Service and will honour Constables Steven Tynan and Damian Eyre who were gunned down in Walsh Street, South Yarra in 1988.

Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon said Victoria Police was proud to have developed the Victoria Police Star to honour employees who have been killed or seriously injured while serving the community.

Employees dating back to when Victoria Police first began in 1853,
who may not be eligible for a Valour Award, can be nominated to receive the Police Star.

“Victoria Police is proud to have developed the Victoria Police Star which is another way that police and the wider community can pay tribute to those people who have been killed or seriously injured in the line of duty.

“These people may have been a target simply because they were police officers such as Constables Steven Tynan or Damian Eyre, or they may be people who were on operational duty when seriously injured or killed.

“It is important that we have an award which honours these people and reminds society about the challenges that Victoria Police employees face every day.”

To accommodate retrospective nominations, an additional nomination process has been introduced to allow anyone to nominate current and former Victoria Police employees for the Victoria Police Star. A nomination form for these applications is available from the Honours & Awards Unit, Human Resources, Victoria Police.