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Peter RYAN


Commissioner of Police  Peter James RYAN, QPM BA Msc

30 August 1996 – 17 April 2002

Peter RYAN
Peter RYAN

Appointed Commissioner, NSW Police Force, on 30 August 1996.


Commissioner Ryan is a widely experienced career police officer whose duties have included both uniform and detective work.

NSW Police Force

Mr Ryan took up his appointment as Commissioner at the height of the Wood Royal Commission into police corruption ( 1994 – 1997 ). His brief was to weed out the corrupt, lazy and inept and to put into place reforms that will deliver a professional and honest police service, both responsive and responsible to the community it serves.

Reform continues to be implemented in a series of well planned stages. These began with the complete restructuring of the Force and the appointment, in most areas, of new commanders.

The next phase has been one of consolidation, combined with the development and implementation of improved policing procedures.


One of the benchmarks for reform is the reduction of crime. Commissioner Ryan has set for the Service the goal of bringing down the rates of crime in categories including assault, robbery, stealing, motor vehicle theft and stealing from motor vehicles.

The Future

As well as structures, personnel and processes, Commissioner Ryan is working to reform the technical side of the Force, introducing the latest in scientific, forensic, computing, communication and training techniques and facilities.

Initiatives such as the Police Assistance Line and ‘MINERVA’ simulation training system have been recognised as the best in the country.

Commissioner Ryan is also working towards the establishment of National DNA and fingerprint databases, a crime faculty and a forensic institute for NSW.

His vision is for a Police Force that is corruption resistant, working smarter and achieving world’s best practice in all areas.


Peter James Ryan was born in Lancaster, England on 18 May 1944.

Ryan joined Lancashire Police in the United Kingdom in 1963.  His career prior to NSW Police includes National Director Police Training at Bramshill, UK from 1993 to 1996 and Chief Constable at Norfolk Police from 1990 to 1993.

Peter Ryan resigned from office with the NSW Police Force on 17 April 2002.

One thought on “Peter RYAN

  • Peter Ryan was a breathe of fresh air that blew through the dreadful, corrupt NSW police force. Sadly, no one warned this lovely man or his family how much Australia loathes the Poms. Once he got Sydney safely and happily through the 2000 Olympics he was hounded out of Australia. And the Australian media played a strong part in his downfall. This old ex-pat Pom loved him and his missus Adrienne to bits.


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