Glenn McEnallay


Passing of a hero who fought for all

Glenn McEnallay

On Wednesday 27th March, 2002 Glenn McEnallay started his shift as a Highway Patrol Officer from his station at Mascot, a Sydney suburb.
Glenn had joined the NSW Police in 1997, after spending 12 months at the Goulburn Police College . He started his career in the Manning Great Lakes area, and at Mascot doing general duties, then at City East Transits, and finally  attached to the Mascot Highway Patrol where he worked with 19 other colleagues to help make our streets and highways a safer place for us to use.
Whilst performing his duty, the young man, who had just celebrated his 26th birthday on the 10th March, was ambushed and shot by four men at close range whilst he was still sitting in his highway patrol car.
This tragic event unfolded as Constable McEnallay, who had pulled over to write a ticket for an offending driver, was alerted by an off-duty officer to a car being driven erratically. He followed the car from Denison Rd Hillsdale, into a side street where he was ambushed by four of the occupants of the stolen vehicle. 

Glenn was shot once in the right temple and twice in the right shoulder. He was hit by three of the five shots fired at him through his unmarked car’s windscreen from a distance of less than 3m.
Glen was rushed to the Prince of Wales Hospital where he underwent surgery. He fought against all odds for six days. But on the 3rd April, 2002, his family who had been at his bedside since he had been shot and mortally wounded had to make the decision they hoped would never come. They allowed staff at the hospital to turn off Glenn’s life support following a series of tests, brain scans and advice from doctors indicating he could not make it alone. He never regained consciousness.

May Glenn’s passing be a solemn reminder to us all that each day these brave men and women put their life on the line to protect both you and me, and try hard against all odds to make our community a safer place for us all to live and enjoy.

On behalf of the Thin Blue Line and its users I offer my sincere condolences to Glenn’s family, his fiancée, his friends and his colleagues.

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