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Diploma of Policing Practice: Enabling Program


“Do you want to take up Policing as a career but have doubts about your ability to complete the Diploma of Policing Practice?

Charles Sturt University can assist you. We have introduced an Enabling Program for people wanting to study the Diploma of Policing Practice, but who think that they may not have the required study skills.”

The Enabling Program will assist you to develop your knowledge and skills in the areas of academic understanding and learning, and effective reading, writing and communication that are required for success in tertiary study. Topics include the university and you, organising your time, effective reading and note-taking, writing at university and passing exams.

You’ll learn, or refresh your memory, about how to:

  • plan for academic writing;
  • take notes about readings and lectures, so that you can communicate about what you’ve read or heard;
  • present written and spoken assessments in the appropriate format.

Before you start the Diploma of Policing Practice, you will learn a range of skills that will allow you to concentrate on the content of the course, rather than worrying about whether you can do the study itself.

As the focus of this Program will be on the fundamental academic abilities required by students studying the Diploma of Policing Practice, the main areas of assessment will concentrate on reading, writing and oral skills.

Frequently asked questions

How long is the Program and how is it assessed?

The Program is self-paced and will take you approximately forty hours to complete. While there are no major assignments, you will have a number of short activities and assessment tasks to complete. You must submit your assessment portfolio by the due date specified
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How will the Program be delivered?

The Program will be delivered largely as printed materials with a range of on-line enhancements and services available, such as email access to tutors. Subject material will be despatched to you once your enrolment has been processed.
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What are the entry requirements?

Before you commence the Enabling Program, you must have submitted your Professional Suitability Assessment (PSA) application to the NSW Police for assessment. Processing of your PSA can occur at the same time as you are completing the Enabling Program. Applicants cannot, however, be accepted into the Diploma of Policing Practice until they have satisfied all of the professional suitability requirements and satisfactorily completed the Enabling Program.
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How do I apply?

You can request an application form from the Charles Sturt University Admissions Office: telephone 0269 332 121. Please quote course code 1000PE (for disadvantaged Australian students) or course code 1000PF (for fee-paying students)
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What else should I do?

An Information Day will be held in Sydney at the start of the Program. Your attendance is not compulsory but is highly recommended. On the day you will:

  • receive an explanation of the Program;
  • where appropriate, receive advice about English language programs offered in conjunction with the Adult Migrant English Service;
  • be briefed on policing as a career;
  • receive an overview of all aspects of the Diploma of Policing Practice;
  • gain insights on life as a CSU student at the NSW Police College at Goulburn;
  • meet other students doing the same course.

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My oral skills might be a problem

The oral skills component of the Program is very important due to the Professional Suitability requirements of the NSW Police. Potential problems with this facet may be handled in two ways. You could:

  • indicate on the enrolment form the existence of a speech impediment and provide a specialist’s report;
  • request a referral to the Adult Migrant English Service if English is not your first language.

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What will it cost to study the Program?

The Program is free to applicants who are in one or more of the disadvantaged groups described on the Enrolment Form.

A charge of $165 will apply to all other students.
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When does the Program start and how often will it run?

The Program will run three times a year, at four-monthly intervals, with intakes in January, May and September. Applications must be submitted to the CSU Admissions Office by mid: December, April and August respectively.
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What happens if I fail the Program?

You may attempt the Program up to three times. After the first failure, however, you would be advised of other options to boost your skills (TAFE, Community College) before you attempt it again.
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Am I guaranteed admission to the Diploma of Policing Practice?

Once you have successfully completed the Program (and the Professional Suitability Assessment before that), you are guaranteed entry into the Diploma course in one of the subsequent three intakes: January, May or September. Note that you must continue to meet Professional Suitability requirements throughout the course.
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